Four Reasons To Be Like My Dog

Welcome to our featured Backlog Blog Series from the Francis Chiropractic Clinic team. At Francis Chiropractic, we believe chiropractic care can offer a complete wellness approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Read our blog to get the latest news in chiropractic trends and helpful tips to guide you to feel your very best.

Dr. Dan Francis shares four reasons why you should be like his dog in this month’s Backlog Blog.

  1. Excited to exercise
  2. Gets plenty of sleep
  3. Stretches when he wakes up
  4. Eats only when hungry
  5. Of course, is always happy to see me 🙂


Exercise is best when there is a little passion behind it.  Set a goal, join a friend and add a variety of workouts or exercises. Life expectancy increases and benefits from exercise that comes from 20-30 minutes a day for 3-4 times per week.


Sleep is where recovery, rebuilding and repair occur throughout your body. Roughly around 7-8 hours of sleep per night is highly recommended.


I perform five yoga exercises every morning.  You can view these yoga exercises on our website. Click HERE to view our patient resources.  When you view the yoga exercises you will notice the yoga pose of upward to downward dog. Yes! You can see one of the most important poses comes from copying the dog.


My, dog, he eats high-quality dog food at his specific meal times; maybe a healthy snack a couple of times a day.  And yes, occasionally, he strays into the woods and eats something not so good…Not perfect, but 90% good. The 10% won’t kill you.


Admit it! We are great to visit at Francis Chiropractic.  No needles, no medicine with side effects, no surgery and no drilling. Learn more about us by clicking here.

-Dr. Dan Francis