Does CBD Oil work?

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As I drove by a local video store the other week, I saw they were advertising CBD oil. Really?! Do you want to get your health products and advice from the same place you rent a movie, buy a big box of candy and some popcorn?  The latter two are probably why you think you need CBD.

So now to the question of the day- Does CBD work and is CBD worth the cost?

Does CBD work?

Yes it does but, like everything, not for everyone. CBD or Hemp Oil both work by affecting the endocannabinoid system which regulates nearly every metabolic process in the body.  It helps in the resolution of inflammation which is a normal and necessary process in your body.  Inflammation becomes bad when it doesn’t shut off, so CBD and Hemp Oil both work on this same system to help the resolution of inflammation.  When you resolve inflammation, you resolve pain.

The problem with CBD is that it is an isolated extract, which means you are not getting all the synergistic factors in the plant that enhance the benefits of the CBD.

Is it worth it the money?

I have patients who are spending $150 to $200 a month on CBD and that is pretty darn steep. We use Hemp Oil Complex from Standard Process because they combined this whole food extract with fish oil and broccoli to create a complex for $75 a month and it is extremely effective to help with inflammation.

Now here’s the catch – I only recommend the Hemp Oil Complex to patients for a couple months.  Please understand that there is no one on earth walking around with a CBD oil or Hemp Oil deficiency. If you are being helped by either CBD or Hemp Oil Complex, it is because you are deficient in the Omega 3 fatty acids and have too much Omega 6.  Fish oil is one of the richest sources of Omega 3’s and thus the reason it is used in the Hemp Oil Complex from Standard process. I recommend patients to take Hemp Oil Complex to build Omega 3 reserves then, after a few months, switching to fish oil to maintain levels. Best part of all is that fish oil is cheaper than the hemp oil or the CBD and ultimately more effective.

Food is thy medicine and if you are looking to increase your Omega 3’s you can add in chia seeds or hemp seeds, wild greens as well as wild fish/meat into your diet. To decrease your Omega 6’s you can cut out refined sugar and wheat, and limit vegetable oil.

Stay tuned next month for information on fish oil and the different things to look for when purchasing that product.