Marijuana vs hemp vs CBD-what you need to know

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Dear Friends,

Over the last several years there has been an explosion in interest in cannabis related products and we are frequently asked if and what products we sell.  I am going to give you my breakdown of what is going on with the cannabis craze.

One of the reasons for this explosion in interest is the ravaging effects of the opiod crisis in our country.  CBD, hemp, and marijuana have taken center stage as an option for pain control.  Many states are legalizing marijuana for medical cases, which I fully understand and it can be very valuable compared to traditional pharmaceuticals and opioids. I do not feel the full legalization is a wise move for society, but that is another discussion!

Marijuana vs hemp: they are first cousins.  Marijuana has the chemical THC in it, which is the drug that gives people the “HIGH”. THC or the “high” is not needed or beneficial in most cases from a pain standpoint.  Hemp on the other hand is high in CBD and the photochemicals that are very useful in pain and inflammation.  Hemp fibers and seed have multiple uses as it is a very versatile plant.

Hemp vs CBD:  CBD comes from hemp and is an isolated extract so it is similar to taking an isolated vitamin.  CBD is not a complete product that can give total effectiveness.  CBD is partially effective because we have cannabinoid receptors in our body but Hemp Oil consists of a broad spectrum of compounds meaning it has CBD but it also has many other known and unknown properties that help the general effectiveness on the Endocannabinoid system in the body.

Hemp is a more complete option for health restoration compared to CBD oil which is why it is a better choice and Standard Process Hemp is derived and harvested from a European hemp that has been cultivated for decades to give it the full spectrum.  YES quality matters!!!