I hope this finds you all in good health and in a positive mindset.

We have had a lot of supplement activity last week especially for immune support nutrients and we still have a decent supply if you are in need. Below is a quick rundown of my whole food favorites:

  1. Congaplex– Perfect for “I am sick right now.” Works best when you take it before the symptoms have fully manifested.  We have incredible results with this product.
  2. Immuplex– Better for “I want to stay healthy.” The nutrient label is very similar to Congaplex but the differences make this the preferred product for building the immune system over time.
  3. Echinacea Premium– Herbal product that is made with a high concentration of echinacea.  This up regulates your immune system (turns it on).  Great for times like these, where there is additional stress.
  4. Cataplex C–  A whole food version of Vitamin C. Its a lower dose but because it is a complete whole Vitamin C verses just ascorbic acid, it is way more potent.

Take advantage of this time and make improvements in your life and form some good health habits.  We have some great FREE options right now for you to get wonderful instruction at your own home.  Here are three free options:

  1. PLYMOUTH YOGA has recorded some classes and is now doing some live classes for free with their great instructors.  Join in by going to their website at PLYMOUTHYOGA.COM.
  2. YOGA ON THE LAKE has prepared classes with their wonderful instructors and you can participate by going to YOUTUBE and typing in KOHLER WELLBEING.
  3. PELOTON company has an app that you can download for a free 90 day trial. It gives you many exercise options from running, strength, yoga, HIIT workouts, stretching etc.  Sessions are anywhere from 5-60 minutes with thousands of class options. It is truly a free trial and you don’t have to put any financial information in.  You can share with to 6 people and my family uses this a lot. If you go longer than 90 days, you can then buy it month to month for $20/month.

Growth happens in the valleys friends. We are defined by our actions in hard times much more than the easy times so seize the opportunities to improve your life the best you can! They are all around and all you have to do is look!

God Bless you,

Dr. Dan