Cold Light Laser Therapy

One of my favorite treatments that we offer is Cold Light Laser therapy. I have shared its healing effect with many of you who have had injuries such as broken bones, shingles, ear infections, muscle sprains, tendonitis, inflammation, plantar fasciitis, and more.

There are 3 different lights in our laser and they are patriotic! The red, white and blue lights all have a different function. The white light is a pain reducer and anti-inflammatory. The blue light is anti viral and anti bacterial. The red light increases the healing rate so that you heal faster.

Our bodies literally have a vibration, and we want to do as the Beach Boys say, ”I’m picking up good vibrations!” Which is exactly what the red light does. It puts a healing vibration and energy into the healing mechanism in the cell (the mitochondria).

When we increase the healing vibration we increase the healing. It is that simple! But there is more, your general vibration (ie. your mood) effects your healing as well. And because your mood is basically the sum total of all of your cell vibrations, we want to increase the vibration level of our body.

We can do this by a simple practice/mantra that I have learned from various sources, “Leave everyone you come in contact with with a ‘feeling of increase.’”  When you give a compliment, help someone with a task, pull you mask down and give them smile, it is all you need to do to change your vibrations and theirs into a higher level. My gosh, if we all did that it would sweep across the world with an infection rate much higher than Covid but it would spread love and healing!

So go, get into a good vibration and light up the world! If you’re injured, come to us and we will light up yours!

Ps. Learn more about Cold Light Laser Therapy. Click on the “Laser Therapy” to read about and watch a video on how and why we use this wonderful treatment tool.