Fish Oil is Essential

I am often asked by patients if I had to take ONE supplement what would it be. In other words what should everyone, or at least nearly everyone, take as a supplement. That answer without pause would be Fish Oil.

Fish oil, Omega Three Fatty Acid, EPA- DHA, essential fatty acid, krill oil, PUFA/polyunsaturated fatty acids, etc are all different names for Fish Oil.

So why Fish Oil?

There are numerous studies on the health benefits of Fish Oil and the fatty acids in Fish Oil are considered essential (buzz word of the year!!).  Essentially, in this context, it means two things: first, you cannot live without them and second, you need them in your diet because we are unable to make them make them on our own.

They are embedded in the lipid layer of just about every cell in your body and are vital in regulating inflammation. This mean it effects just about everything from cardiovascular health to brain health, to the immune system, skin health, allergies, and so much more…

Most of us operate not in “total deficiency” but in “insufficiency”, meaning we are just low enough that it shows very subtle, inconclusive signs and symptoms.

Now there is a way to know exactly where you are in your Omega profile: we offer a simple test, where we take a drop of blood from a finger and send it off to analyze the blood cells. The results give us the exact information we need to tell how much fish oil you should take or how much fish you should eat, to get into your normal range within 4 months. And also how much you need to maintain it once you are at your optimal level.

This test can be a real eye opener. I eat a great diet, so I thought I was going to be great but I was actually in the bottom half of good, meaning I was 33% of optimal. Yikes! So we are eating more fish and I am taking more fish oil capsules to get where I need to be.

So, ask us for the Omega test and we will get you set up with a plan to help stabilize your health and wellness.

God Bless,

Dr. Dan and Dr. Jean

Ps. There is a great, new, fresh seafood store called Plymouth Springs Fish Company, located right down the street from my office. Support our local small business and get healthy while doing it! Win-Win!