Dear Friends,
We hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend, while keeping in mind and memory how grateful we are for all those whose sacrificed for our greater good. We are forever indebted to those who gave the greatest sacrifice.

We are pleased to announce that  all our therapists are taking patients again, so if you need a massage call:


or Carley-920-889-1259

For Cranial Sacral therapy call Anna-920-419-4727

Click here and scroll to the bottom to read about each therapist and their specialties.

Standard Process has come out with a new product, Liquid Hemp Oil, which is great for pain and inflammation. Click here to read the product brochure for a wonderful description of its values.

Tip of the week- Start your day by entering into a gratitude journal. It is a wonderful tool for establishing a different mindset and more positive outlook. The paradigm shift that occurs when you start your day on a positive note becomes contagious to other aspects of your life and to the people around you. Make sure your write one thing you are grateful for about your health.

Make gratitude your attitude and may God bless you all,

Dr. Dan and Dr. Jean