Dear Friends,
A few weeks ago we talked about the Omega Testing that is available at our clinic, and I wanted to give some more information about the different options we have for these essential fatty acids. As I mentioned in a previous email, the Omega 3 Fatty Acids are essential, first for life and second in diet because we do not make them.

If asked what ONE supplement does everyone need?  This would probably be at the top of the list.

I put together a short video describing why we use a variety of fish oil supplements in our office. Click here to watch the video.

Here are the take aways from the video:

  • Love the Olprima EPA/DHA for building up the omega levels in our body
  • Love the Olprima EPA/DHA if you need a small capsule but a concentrated dose
  • Love the Olprima EPA for cardiovascular issues ex. heart health
  • Love the Olprima DHA for brain and nerve health- babies, add/adhd, dementia…..
  • Love Cod Liver Oil for a general maintenance-great ratio of oil and natural vitamins A,E, D
  • Liquid Cod Liver Lemon flavored is by far cheapest fish oil per gram.
  • Love the EPA -DHA from Pure Encapsulation for general maintenance and good quality and cost.
  • Love the Barleen’s smoothie fish oil for kids that can’t do capsule and won’t take oil.

Also remember that Omega 3 are plentiful in wild game and fish so support local and visit Plymouth Springs Fish Co. Their fresh fish is amazing! As they say at Standard Process “Take it or eat it!”

I once heard it said that every time you put something in your mouth, it is an act of nutrition and healing or it’s an act of assisted suicide. Seems radical but really it is simple. Is what you are eating adding or subtracting from your health? An increase in your body’s health will add to an increase in wellness in your mind and spirit also.

God Bless and in good health,
Dr. Dan

Ps. Remember to swim upstream against the currant- that is how new habits are made.