Last week I was on a hunting trip with three friends, one local and two from my college football days (one of which I haven’t seen in 30 years!) Incredible time with so many laughs it was like an abdominal workout! A few years ago we started doing trips so we could form new memories verses just looking in the rear view mirror and talking about the old memories.

It is important to enjoy friends’ company now more than ever for your sanity. Those chosen relationships in our lives are the catalyst to many of the fond memories that bring satisfaction in our lives. Don’t wait for tomorrow for memories start today!

Speaking of catalyst, click here to read a description of the Cataplex series of supplements from Standard Process. Cata is short for catalyst- to ignite, to activate. Plex is short for complex which means the nutrient is not isolated but a complete nutrient that has all the components to be absorbed into the body (bioavailable) and that activates once inside the body (potency)

Place the letter for the vitamin that you are looking for behind the word Cataplex and you have your whole food counterpart (for example Vitamin C would be Cataplex C in the Standard Process line. The same for A, B C, D ,E etc) You will find it is a smaller dose but more potent and better absorbable.

So, go be a catalyst in somebodies’ life.  Be the spark that ignites the fire in the people around you.


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