One of the areas that has exploded during the Covid epidemic is pets. Dog prices have skyrocketed because people are realizing what great companions pets make when we have had less human companionship.

I know this mighty hunter pictured above greets me like he hasn’t seen me in 5 years when I have been gone for 5 minutes. My wife says I am not quite as likable as he thinks but I think he is a great judge of character 🙂

None the less we have been receiving many inquiries regarding nutritional support for pets and guess what? SP has a line for animals: dogs, cats  and horses.

We have tested a couple of their formulas on patients dogs and have been very impressed with the results.  Below is the testimonial of one woman about her dog who had a severe skin rash and irritation. We tried Canine Dermal Support for a month.

Here are the results:

“Higbee is doing much better. He doesn’t have small sores or scabs all over his back and the hot spots are almost all gone. The black skin on his lower belly inside his hind legs is so much better. He’s not licking and keeping us awake at night.  Which is huge! He even is starting to like taking walks . I’d have to say it’s I’m very happy with the results!”

We will be carrying the Dog Whole Body Formula. If anyone would like any of the other formulas here is the link to their vet line. We order several times a week so we can get anything within a couple of days.  If that product is one you continue to use then we will keep it on inventory at the office, you just have to let us know!

It reminds me of a story Lou Holts, retired Notre Dame coach, once told. He said his dog was his best friend when a golfing buddy challenged him and said, ‘no your wife is your best friend.’  Lou’s response was, “Ok. Put your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car for 2 hours and comeback. See who is happy to see you.” YOUR DOG IS YOUR BEST FRIEND:):):)

Take care of them, and you will have unconditional love for life!

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