I would love for you to pat yourselves on the back. You did it! You made it through I think the toughest year most of us nonveterans have ever experienced.

Some reasons to be grateful for the past year:

  1. You made it through a situation that you never could have imagined.
  2. You are definitely more flexible in your ways than you were a year ago.
  3. We learned we can’t control events but we can control our responses.
  4. We remembered that the only constant is God.
  5. It’s over!

Yes it’s over and now we can focus on today, a new beginning. Wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Set your health plan and get excited about it! You were created with the capability of reforming and renewing yourself. New year, new habit, new attitude and new results.

Join us over the year for we will be teaching first, the importance of the occasional reset (detox)  and following up with ways to fix our guts. A healthy gut is the key to long term health. We will also be exploring breathing and how important the most fundamental of life’s actions is.

It should be a wonderful journey and I hope you come along on the ride.

Start off with hope and gratitude.

God Bless you and bring on 2021!

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