We have just wrapped up our third week in Gut Health and I have been getting a lot of questions regarding bread, wheat, and gluten. They are often maligned as evil villains. Most people want a black or white answer but, as usual, it sits in the middle—as a shade of grey.

First let’s look at history. Bread has been a staple for humans for thousands of years. Christ fed 5,000 people and the scripture mentions nothing about people walking away bloated or with indigestion 🙂 So let’s look to the differences in bread from then and now.

Most modern bread uses a wheat that has been modified to contain high amounts of lectin, which is a compound that protects the plant but damages our intestinal wall lining. Today’s bread also has higher amounts of gluten which, because the intestinal cell wall is damaged, it allows more gluten to slip through the intestine. This can cause a constant immune response that can lead to many symptoms and autoimmune diseases.

A lot of store bought bread is filled with many different chemicals and additives to extend shelf life, provide a certain consistency, and sweeten the bread. Take all of that knowledge and you will realize that today’s bread and Christ’s bread are very different. Christ’s bread was water, yeast, salt, and wheat. Compare your labels-this is one where less is more.

Black, White, or Grey Area?

Black- If you have Celiac’s disease you can’t eat any gluten.
White- those who are unaffected by wheat/gluten
Grey-  Because of the SAD (Standard American Diet) most people have some weakness in their gut lining. Meaning many are sensitive – but not allergic to gluten. Now I know this will get a rise out of you 🙂 but there are many shades of grey in this realm.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms after a meal or after eating wheat- there is a strong chance you sit in the grey zone.


  • bloating
  • gas
  • abdominal pain
  • diarrhea
  • skin reactions
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • reflux

You get the picture. If you feel worse after you eat – SOMETHING IS WRONG!

The body, in its infinite wisdom, can repair itself quite well. The recipe for this repair is: correct nutrients + supplemental aids + time. You can’t mess this up over decades and fix it in a week! It usually only takes a few months and you will see a drastic decrease in the need for supplements to aid you and usually in less than a week you will start seeing some symptomatic improvements.

The first step is to follow some of the tips I have given over gut month. At the end of this email is a recap of Days 11-15 and our blog posts have the recaps of the previous weeks. The second step is reaching out to us if you need the supplemental help to make the next leap. You can bet your dough  (come on this is too easy) you will feel better.

Gut Week Recap Days 11-15

Day 11-Vagus nerve

  1. Cranial nerve- 10 come out of your neck and innervated your gut
  2. Releases more serotonin than your brain
  3. Gut feeling- it is your second brain
  4. Sends instant feedback on quality of food thus effecting your hormones immediately
  5. Eat clean to help this nerve

Day 12-Natural sweeteners 

  1. Refined sugar has no vitamins or minerals so it robs the body
  2. Use honey and maple syrup for sweetener
  3. Make bread from non GMO sources to decrease lectin and gluten which damage your gut

Day 13-Bone broth

  1. Super food for gut
  2. Can wake up your gut and get it online
  3. Filled with nutrients for your gut and skeletal health

Day 14-Digestive support

  1. Sometimes probiotics and natural digestive support are needed to get the body running normally
  2. Probiotics need to have multiple bacteria and refrigerated when bought
  3. Digestive aids like Standard Process ZYPAN (short for enzymes from the pancreas) can heal your body function until it has “relearned” normal

Day 15-Eliminate foods

  1. If you are struggling with your diet, eliminate foods one at a time for 10-21 days.
  2. Doing so will allow you to see what is irritating your gut
  3. Once the gut has been taken through the “gut protocol” and healed, those food can be added back in moderation

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