This week we delve a bit deeper into gut health.  I love this topic because it is one that patients can really own, but it takes some time. Healing any condition takes time. The length of time can go up and down based on your habits ranging from how you think to what you eat.

I had a patient came back after one day of the detox and said she didn’t notice any difference but I reminded her that it took her 3 decades to get into the mess. I also reminder her that God made her to be able to heal. All you have to do is this mix of little habits like eat well, sleep, exercise etc. and your body will heal itself.

I also said that it took God a whole week to create the Earth so maybe give it 7 days and see how the momentum is going.  Healing isn’t technology and it certainly is not instant; it is a process. One that is earned through good habits not given through good genes.

Have you ever noticed that people who win money tend to blow through that money? Health is the same way! You tend to sustain health in the infinite sense when you earn your health through good habits. Start to chip away at old habits and remember you don’t have to be perfect – just better.

So for those who finished the detox and looking for what’s next: try adding some of the gut options below to your life over the next few months and watch your health continue to improve.

It takes GUTS to have good GUTS but it is worth the effort!

Below is a recap of the first 5 days of Gut month. These tidbits of information are filled with little habits that when stacked together, will end up shifting your gut health. After each day is a nutrient (tool) that we use to help assist in that function if a person needs help in that particular area.

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Gut Day 1-5 Recap

Day 1-Water/Calcium Lactate

  1. Drink a glass 15 minutes before you eat to help quench hunger
  2. Helps prevent constipation
  3. Limit water consumption during eating to 4 oz so you don’t dilute digestive acids

Day 2-Relax/Ashwaganda 

  1. Take three nice big abdominal/diaphragmatic breaths before you eat
  2. Eating slowly will let you digest your food better as it allows for the release of digestive acids
  3. Parasympathetic nervous system is feed and breed – don’t rush through eating

Day 3-Chew your food/Parotid

  1. This slows you down
  2. It breaks food down so that it can contact the intestinal wall
  3. Mixes the food with the parotid enzymes which helps digestion

Day 4-Hot lemon water and honey in the morning/Zypan

  1. Warm water stimulates the digestive tract and gets it going
  2. Lemon acidity helps to acidify the gut which helps food pass out of the stomach

Day 5-Apple Cider Vinegar shot in water/Zypan

  1. Acidifying the stomach which improves the environment of the gut for the good bacteria
  2. Needs to have the MOTHER in it ( it is a fermented product). The dirtier the apple cider vinegar looks the better. You don’t want clear apple cider vinegar.

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