Some of you might be thinking, “What’s next after the Detox?” Many people are still partaking in the detox which is great, but remember health is an infinite game, as is detoxing. Yes the detox gave you a jump start on what your body is supposed to be doing 24/7/365 but the best way to stay ahead on detoxifying your body is decreasing the toxic load that enters your body. You can take the Standard Process Toxicity Quiz to assess your risk of toxin exposure and symptoms by clicking here.

That is why February is GUT month!

Our outer skin covers about the surface area of a typical door.  Our whole intestinal tract is a modified layer of “inner skin” and that covers the size of two tennis courts! Yikes this a lot of area to protect.

This is exactly the reason 80% of the immune system surrounds your gut. We know that health doesn’t come from the bottom of a medicine bottle but is starts at the tip of your fork.

Our gut series is going to be a daily video describing tips to enhance gut health. They will be short one minute clips and of course they will be quirky and SS (short and simple).  Catch them on Facebook at @francischiroclinic or on Instagram @dr_daniel_francis
We will follow with written recommendations as well.

I promise if you watch these videos you won’t have a bad month- how could you pass that up?! This is foundational health. Without healthy guts you can not be infinitely healthy.

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