While biking in 2018, I took this picture on Scenic Dr. in the Kettle Morraine State Forest after a tornado ripped through the area. This tree was an 80 foot oak tree that was literally impaled by a smaller (yet still big) tree, causing it to literally blow its top. All of this from an element that you cannot touch, hold, or grab. AIR!

Breath is the most fundamental of needs for us. In fact, stop it for just the right (or wrong!) amount of time and you will be…well you won’t be anymore!

I mentioned the book Breath by James Nestor last week. I would consider this a fundamental read because it gets to the essence of breath; it gives you usable and easy to implement practices to improve your health.

I know I share many tools and resources to try for your health.  Not all of them will work for you but in our quest to create health vs manage disease we have to try different avenues. It’s worth considering a recent quote from Phil Mickleson a week before becoming the oldest Major champion in PGA history.

“I’ve failed many times in my life and career and because of this I’ve learned a lot,” Mickelson wrote. “Instead of feeling defeated countless times, I’ve used it as fuel to drive me to work harder. So today, join me in accepting our failures. Let’s use them to motivate us to work even harder.”

In health, we rarely only get one shot. We routinely receive second, third chances to redeem our choices. Our choices are like the air and our breath; they are continually shaping our environment inside and out. Isn’t that powerful? So give this book a look and try to change your forecast by adding in the exercises this wonderful book has to offer.

Of all the elements air is our first need.  Without it, our soul ceases to use our body as a home. So make it feel at home lest it leave sooner than we would like 🙂

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