A brilliant veteran that I treat told me this week, “Life is learned backwards and lived forward”.

Wow what a potent belief. It is great to look back and learn, but you can’t live in the past. You can look back and learn what got you to this point and then you can alter your habits and move forward. Isn’t that powerful?

Even if you have had great lessons in the past, it is in our nature to continually create. So what lesson can you learn from the past to create an even more enjoyable path forward?

I believe every one of us has the ability to improve our health and wellbeing. To me, health and wellness are the keys to happiness. It is incredible that we really are in charge of our health via our choices which become habits.

I know that can be a bitter pill to swallow because we like to blame our genetics or other factors. I will tell you that the habits you learned from your parents are more important than the genetics you inherited from them. So don’t worry, you can still blame them HA!

Speaking of bitter – bitter is one of the four basic tastes we have. We have vitally important bitter receptors all the way down the GI tract. In fact, stimulating the bitter receptors before you eat is like warming up your car in the winter; it gets everything working smooth and in sync before you even eat.

This is the reason bitter foods are helpful for your digestion and health. It is why many herbs come in liquid form. It is also why we recommend people suck on a tablet herb for 30 seconds prior to swallowing. Bitter foods are also losing their footing to salt and sweet as a food staple in the western diet.

So make your gut happy and get bitter 🙂

So change your habits and check out our website. It has many exercise options that are a wonderful way to start pointing you in the right direction.  It also has descriptions of our top recommended supplements and this is a great spot to see if you might benefit from extra support while you are journeying towards health.