Well, last week made it a year since COVID has hijacked life as normal.  It has been a long haul.  That is what I am actually going to chat briefly about today.

Long Haulers syndrome.  It is basically the residual symptoms that some people are left with after their bout with COVID.  They can be quite debilitating for some.

Some of the issues are not so surprising, some make sense and some are totally random.

Respiratory issues (including coughing and shortness of breath):  Very common in those who had any respiratory condition.  Suggested supplement: Emphaplex
Muscle fatigue and pain:  Very common in people on cholesterol meds.  Cholesterol is very important to muscle health as it makes up 30% of the muscle cell lining.  Muscle aches is one of the most common side effects of the statin drug class. Suggested supplement:  Cellular Vitality
Stomach/digestive issues:  Very prominent in people who are on acid stopping PPI meds.  The decrease in protective HCL acid in the stomach allows for COVID to disrupt the intestinal microbiome.  Suggested supplements: Zypan/Gatrex

Loss of taste and smell:  This happens as the result of zinc being depleted to fight infection.  Many of us are deficient in zinc.  Suggested supplement:  Zinc Chelate

The suggested supplement after each issue is the foundational support we would use in supporting the bodies rebuilding efforts.  Every case of “Long Haulers” is different and represents that individual’s own particular set of circumstances.  Feel free to reach out to us if you or a loved one is suffering.  We will gladly help you put a plan together to support the body’s miraculous healing abilities.  Click here for our pre, during and post Covid protocol suggestions.

A Wall Street Journal article written by Dr. Makary, professor at John’s Hopkins School of Medicine, suggests herd immunity by late April. This amid reports of new strains…One thing is clear when you flatten a curve you lengthen the line.  For all intents and purposes, they don’t know when this will be over!  Who are they by the way?  Who is in charge?

I will tell you WHO.  YOU.  YOU is WHO.  OMG sounds like a Dr. Suess book— we will leave that alone.  YIKES!  You actually are in charge of your OWN health and you decide what goes in your mouth and whether it is cure or culprit.  You decide the amount of exercise.  Some look at this as overbearing.  I look at it as liberating.  SO much of your health or your lack of it comes from YOUR lifestyle choices.

The fact is you have SKIN in the GAME.  It is your own skin.  OWN it, and you can gain some control over it.