We pray that you all had a wonderful Easter! We visited this spry young lady who turned 80 on April 3rd. She has been a massage therapist for 37 years and get this, she still does 12 massages a week! I am pretty sure the law of physics stating “an object in motion stays in motion“ was discovered by observing her.

This tiny little lady packs a punch and is living proof that coffee is its own food group  I recently read that you genetically receive your mitochondria from your mother. Since mitochondria are the energy producers for the cells, that means I should have her energy! If that’s the case I’ll be practicing for another 27 years at least 🙂

From observing my patients, it has become abundantly clear that those who stay active -well- they stay active!  But boy, when you shut down your mobility as you age, getting it back becomes exponentially more difficult.

Get Moving

As chiropractors we deal in the mechanics of the body and keeping it functioning normally and optimally. To quote the song “Born to Be Wild” it is our job to “get your motor running and get you on the highway.”

So get moving, keep moving, or if you can’t move- give us a call and we will get you on the highway! Glucosamine Synergy is a supplement that helps maintain and support joint health. This is a great option for those of you who want to be moving but your joints have different plans.

For the month of April, I started a video series on building and maintaining immunity on Facebook and Instagram. So give us a follow on either or both of those sites! Also please note that I have a new email address: drdan@francischiroclinic.com so if you need to email me, please use the new email.


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