It seems that each stage of COVID we enter adds a new stressor. We adapt to our current environment very quickly. As my favorite retired Army Ranger said it takes about 2 weeks in fact and adaptability is a great survival skill. So as things slowly open up, realize that everyone is going to have their own pace with reentering and normalizing a routine. Yes, life will eventually return to normal!

There have been tons of stressors over the last year: COVID, home offices and poor posture, lack of human contact, families separated, lack of work, TOO much work, being sick, not wanting to be sick, lack of exercise, weight gain, the election…Yikes!

So much of stress is based on how we react to a situation versus how we respond to a situation. A reaction is a reflex aka no thought. A response requires a thought out plan. A response will be slower and measured because you think about outcomes of your choices. This holds true for relationships, health, and spirit.

I think the key to a successful response as we reintegrate is to realize that we are all unique and see the world in different ways. THANK GOD, otherwise how boring would the world be?! We all evolve in our views of our world, in our health, and in our spirituality. I like to think of the stagnant pond as a reminder that it is better to be fluid in mind, body and spirit than to be stagnant.

So, what does that mean? To me it means there is not one right way. I have my ways, but as I age, I realize the choices I make are the best given the knowledge I have at that time. Given that everyones’ situation is different, we will all be in different places. Which we should see this as a positive. It’s great because diversity is the spice of life (also the key to a great microbiome!).

The one stressor I know we can control is the tendency we have to judge others who choose differently than ourselves. This is a very destructive stressor. Unlike the stress of say lifting a weight, which breaks down muscle to then rebuilds it stronger, the stress of passing judgment only tears down and never rebuilds. I find that by acknowledging we are all on our separate journeys together means I can’t impose my way on others nor they on me.

This reminds me of when Jesus told the crowd that was about to stone Mary Magdalen, “He who as not sinned cast the first stone”.

Here are some ways we have been guiding patients with stress:

  1. I feel any hands on care is healing due to the inter-human connection. It can be chiropractic, massage, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, acupuncture…..
  2. Exercise and good sleep are key to rebuilding.
  3. The book Breath by James Nestor.  This is an incredible book on breath and the ability to control so many important life functions. Again, you can just breathe with reflex or you can choose how to breath. You will be amazed at how interesting and healing breath can be.
  4. Ashwagandha Complex is an herbal formula that will help your body get to a healthy baseline. It is like a dimmer switch; that can bring the light up or down depending on your need. It is an age old Aryvedic herb that has been used for many centuries as a tonic of wellbeing impacting immune, liver, thyroid, and adrenal function. One of these before bed is a great sleep aid without a groggy feeling in the morning. It’s the ultimate chill pill . There is no dependency so you can take it as needed or on a regular basis. Click here to learn more.

So let’s all chill out and enjoy the diversity we all bring to each other.

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