The proof is in the POOPING!

Yuck! Doc, you are losing it right?? No, no, no; just keep reading. If you haven’t noticed we do a lot more than just adjust the spine. Many people use us to help guide them through many health issues using natural means such as diet, exercise, and supplementation.

We believe you can CREATE HEALTH instead of MANAGING DISEASE.

What has become abundantly clear is that you cannot create health if you have a bad digestive tract. The gut is the gate keeper of health. The microbiome is directly linked to brain function via the vagus nerve and it can effect mood, inflammation, immunity, obesity, and so much more.

The microbiome has thousands of different bacteria, fungi, yeasts, virus, etc. that are normal components in the digestive tract. When the diversity and ratios are good, abundant health and well being are realized. When ratios are bad, bad diseases can happen (ie. the chronic inflammatory diseases that are the leading causes of death in our country today far surpassing covid!!)

Standard Process is now providing a test kit to test your microbiome. The test is done at your home and then sent into the lab and we can then discuss your results. The report will give you an analysis of your gut microbiome health and diversity.

It will provide three action points specific to your test and questionnaire.

The Three Points

  1. Dietary recommendations
  2. Lifestyle recommendations
  3. Supplemental recommendations

Look, your gut is giving trillions of organisms a place to live and you want to make sure you are keeping good company.  So if you give a SH!! about your health, you may want to literally give SH!! and take this test to get an accurate reading of who is hitching a ride in you.

We have tests available and the results are coming back in about 6-7 weeks as demand has been incredibly high.

Click Here for an ebook that explains in greater detail the value of the microbiome.

As always we look forward to serving you and your pooping needs!

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