A patient who has overcome huge health obstacles recently shared a story about her son’s 8th grade awards ceremony. Her son had switched to a new school the year prior and faired much better at the new school with a fresh start.

Well, he didn’t bring home any awards from the ceremony which wasn’t surprising having been only at the school for two of the eight years. After the ceremony as he approached his mom, she was worried he was going to be dejected over the lack of recognition. Instead he said, “you know mom, they just didn’t have an award for my category.” To which she replied, “and what is your category?”


Damn, I love that! I have always loved this young man because when he comes in he has what I call spark. He is going to succeed (and I mean big!) because he has a spark that won’t let others bring him down.

Find your Spark

I find the same thing goes with patients who succeed in obtaining health and wellness over disease. The ones that respond the best have the edge, that spark. It is that internal edge that makes a patient look beyond failed care and being told that there is nothing wrong even though they feel like @#$!. Of course, health issues can be frustrating, but you have to have the spark to ignite the healing process.

If you are going to be MOST LIKLEY TO SUCCEED IN YOUR HEALTH, then you must be willing to continually challenge yourself. Look for new and innovative ways that can help ignite your spark.

Great nutrition, sleep, and exercise are the foundations of good health.

We use Catalyn from Standard Process to help people find their spark. Catalyn means catalyst or to initiate or ignite. It is made up of 15 whole foods grown on an organic farm in Palymira, WI. It’s all the whole food micronutrients you need to provide optimal health and wellness. They are the catalyst to all the reactions you need to thrive.


I had a couple patients lose a few pounds after starting Catalyn over the last month. While it is not a weight loss supplement here is my hypothesis on why this happened: Let’s say you eat a fast food burger and fries. It is going to give you a ton of calories and fill you up but an hour later your body is going say, “you know while I got calories, I didn’t receive any micronutrition.” so then you become hungry again. Overfed under nourished. This is how you can eat and yet starve at the same time.  Catalyn supplies those missing nutrients in a small but complete amount every day to help support the gaps you may have in your day-to-day diet.

This is by far our favorite multiple vitamin supplement. It will help give you spark…it has for over 92 years!

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