Late last week I took a quick hiking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park. I stuffed six Possible Bars from Standard Process in my hiking boot then placed the boots in my carry on luggage.  As you can see from the above picture the TSA stopped me. The bars looked like the explosive C4 packed up in my boot! The agent said he never felt such a dense bar. Now THAT is some dense nutrition! Standard Process makes the Possible Bar as a special bar for extreme athletes doing extreme physical activity. It is 550 calories of whole foods compressed into a bar. You might say it gives you explosive energy…C’mon this is too easy:)

This bar is not meant for regular consumption but it does represent the forward thinking of a company that looks in reverse to improve itself. They look to the simplicity yet complexity of nature, then trust it.

The reason we have two huge shelves of nutritional products from this company is because they have so many tools for us to assist our patients’ many health needs. Their philosophy is simple: concentrate whole foods into a supplement that can support the body’s miraculous ability to heal. It is based on the wisdom within the body plus the wisdom of the plant and animal world to concentrate nutrients just how we need them.

They have what I call the three C’s working for them:

Concentration – nutritionally dense with water and fiber extracted without using heat

Complete – whole spectrum of nutrients to support absorption and use in the body

C lean – organically grown

This formula has worked so well that they are one of the oldest nutritional companies in the world at 92 years old!  That means it not only works but has done so for a long time. For Plymouth locals, I call them “the Sargento of Supplements!’ Standard Process is a family owned company that is an incredible steward  of their product and their employees and town.

So talk to us when you are looking to support your health. While we carry close to their entire line of nutrients at the office, you can also choose to go through our website and order so it can be directly shipped to you or a loved one.

My base level nutrient support is Catalyn (the multiple vitamin with 17 whole foods), Cod Liver Oil (like a fatty multiple- omega 3s plus naturally occurring Vitamin A,D,E)  In addition, I take Glucosamine Synergy (to help support cartilage and ligaments that I have injured over the years). Truthfully just the first two would be the best nutrition for the vast majority of us.

The body is incredible at rebuilding and healing but the speed at which it accomplishes the process is dependent on the quality of the building blocks you put in your mouth.

So little did I know their 3 C’s would end up looking like C4 but I’m thankful they didn’t do a fifth C and confiscate my bars.

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