Are you ready to roll? I recently asked patient with low back pain if he was doing his low back exercises. He replied, “Religiously!  On Christmas and Easter!!!”  Right idea, wrong frequency 🙂

As you can see, even Remi stretches before exercise. He will do the appropriately named upward and downward dog stretch. For a person, a few minutes of rolling can do wonders for a sore low back, mid back or shoulder girdle. If you have difficulty on the floor you can work on the wall. Click here for some examples.

Why should I roll?

  • Reduces injury and speeds up recovery.
  • Improve flexibility without impairing strength.
  • Faster fitness results.
  • Simple self-massage.
  • Improves posture.

A minute or two of rolling goes a long way.  Consistency is the key. Do this a couple of times a week vs a couple times a year 🙂

We’ll end with a quote from Jim Morrison of the DOORS-  “Let it roll baby roll.”

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