This past Saturday, I was walking through the Elkhart Lake farmers market checking on how my son and his friend were fairing selling their metal artwork. As I walked, I recognized a a patient who had moved out of the area several years ago, who was mildly hunched over a stand. I yelled out her husband’s nickname for her “Bombshell” to get her attention. She straightened up and we had a nice hug.

Bombshell is now 78 years old and is still teaching Zumba, playing tennis and doing spin classes. She also just underwent her third bout with cancer in which she proudly professed, “I kicked its ass and didn’t even lose my hair!” Talk about some fireworks!

She said, “I have cancer but it doesn’t have me.” Her goal is to “not to die of cancer.” Ha! That is great stuff. It’s the edge, the SPARK we talked about a few months ago.

Friends you need to watch your words because they become your reality.  Never own a disease process. Never say “my MS” or “my cancer”. Don’t act like you possess it because that gives it a home. We all will encounter physical ailments. Learn the lessons you must from them to continually improve but don’t take ownership of the ailments lest they be like unwelcome company that never leaves 🙂

These ailments will teach us lessons if we are willing to change our habits and that means changing our minds. Winston Churchill said, “Those that never change their mind never change anything.”

As humans, we try so hard to keep our life constant in order to give ourselves a sense of control. In a world that is constantly changing, taking that approach will drive you insane. You must be flexible to be resilient. Did I say flexible?

Yup, here is the link to the yoga exercise I have done every morning for the last 15 years. These moves are the reason I can still physically serve you. Give them just 5 minutes a day!

There are also great live Yoga options available throughout the county:

Plymouth Yoga

Yoga on The Lake– Kohler

Elevate– Sheboygan

Many apps exist also such as Peloton.

So get flexible, find your nemesis, and kick its ASS!

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