Another statement from a wise patient: “Success is never owned, only rented, and payment is due everyday!”

The Milwaukee Bucks are a great example. They will learn real quick next year that there is no resting on your laurels. Once you are on top everyone is aiming for you.

You can switch the word “success” with “health” in that comment. Wherever you are in your health journey it is truly only rented. In our health we must stay current with our rent. No rent means no long term health. Consistency with the rent can go a long way.

So what is rent?

  1. Good sleep
  2. Whole food diet
  3. Moderate exercise 
  4. Balance in life in your mind, body, and spirit

Success leaves cues and when you learn those cues you gain knowledge. Use that and you gain wisdom. Wisdom is taking knowledge and putting it into action.

If you need helping figuring out what you need to be successful in health, reach out to us. We can help! Now go pay your RENT!

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