A very wise patient said this week that he was on vacation and shut off all connectivity for two full days. During that time he focused on three simple DOING questions:

  1. What should I keep doing?
  2. What should I stop doing?
  3. What should I start doing?

Wow! That is a very simple but profound set of guiding questions!

Now, imagine if you work on one answer for each question during the four seasons of the year. You would be improved in 12 areas of your life in a year!

Why do we aspire to change and grow?  We aspire to change and improve because our essence is from God and that means we are here to create and continually improve.

I was in a Yoga class and the instructor said something I thought was very insightful. He said, “You should be proud of your accomplishments. The difference between pride and vanity is that pride you do for your inner well being and vanity is for others approval.”

Be proud of your mind, body, and soul. Continue to build and create them by doing healthy and happy habits.

So before you follow Nike’s slogan of “Just do it”,  make sure it is worthy of being done.

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