The above shirt was being worn by a 93 year old patient this last week. It echoes what elderly patients have told me for the past three decades – That life goes by really fast and seems to accelerate as we age. Times really are ticking.

It seems life is much like a roller coaster at an amusement park, filled with ups and downs. It can be quite thrilling and it seems the ride is over quicker than you wanted.

Given that this ride is fast, we can’t afford to be unhealthy.  Here is a formula that will help you enjoy the journey!

  1. Eat whole foods- the proper nutrients allow for optimal health and healing!
  2. Sleep 8 hours a night- This is when the healing occurs. NO sleep=NO heal. Time well spent
  3. Drink lots of water- your body’s #1 nutrient
  4. Exercise daily- moderately and variety
  5. Work, volunteer, or parent – a sense of purpose is vital to self worth.
  6. PLAY- all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Also time well spent!

So hurry up and get on the right track before Father Times chimes for you!!

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