Four months after 9/11 I went to NYC to serve the recovery workers at Ground Zero with chiropractic care. One of my sisters lives in in the city and was close enough to the Trade Centers to actually see people jumping. Heartbreaking.

Her local chiropractor was in charge of setting up round the clock care at St. Paul’s church which served as the recovery worker’s sanctuary. There were MD’s, chiropractors, pediatrists, massage therapists, food being served and even beds…anything they needed that people could provide was there. The recovery effort at Ground Zero was still going on four months after the attack.

St Paul’s Chapel is the oldest church in New York City and it was where our first President George Washington attended after his inauguration. They chose that place to be the designated sanctuary for the recovery workers. When I walked up to the Church and looked through the windows, it was hard to believe what I was seeing.

St Paul’s is directly adjacent to Ground Zero but didn’t have one bit of damage-not a scratch.  No broken glass, no debris, not even a speck of dust. The massive pile of debris left from the Twin Towers collapse was just beyond St. Paul’s cemetery, yet it was as if God put a protective shield around it to protect it against the pure evil that happened on that day.

What it meant to me

That day was by far the best day I ever experienced in my 30 years as a chiropractor. It was pure in the moment. Listening and treating the recovery workers, seeing the tired and weary firefighters walk in the church and looking around the pillars to see if a chiro was on hand, gave me the most fulfilling feeling of service. One day, the firefighters had just found one of their brethren that day buried in the rubble and motions where high.

Being there was a clinic on how emotions effect the physical body.  9/11 was an impact event. An impact event is a defining moment that change the trajectory of all of us collectively.  COVID has been an impact event (we wish it was the 2 week surge that was predicted 18 months ago).

After 9/11 who would have thought there wouldn’t be more significant attacks in the next 20 years?  We responded and figured things out, not perfectly but it got better.

Let’s Rebuild

COVID is no different. Be an optimist! Maybe we were given COVID so that we took heed and worked at improving our health.  Your body is just like out military.  Our military pre 9/11 was built to fight cold war Soviets, not invisible terrorists. Your body can remake itself if you are not in great health but to do so requires the right resources. You can’t make something out of nothing,  that’s magic and there’s no such thing. However there are miracles and your body’s ability to heal and protect itself just by giving it the right mix of sleep, nutrients, exercise and optimism is living proof of these miracles.

So as a tribute to 9/11, why don’t you rebuild your tower? I have our immune protocol’s linked here and at the end of this email giving guidance for pre, during, and post COVID.  The beauty is that you can support yourself from adverse effects of illnesses when you feed the body these immune protocols. Remember, whether you get sick from ANY pathogen it is a statement to where your immune system was at the moment.

Those men and women were the definition of a true HERO.


Pre COVID supplement protocol

  1. Immuplex: 2-3/day or 3-4 if over 200 pounds and/or you are immuno-compromised
  2. Echinacea Premium: 1/day. Keeps your immune system on high alert.
  3. Cataplex D: 1-2/day. More in winter and you have light skin.

Infected with COVID but asymptomatic

  1. Congaplex: 4/day
  2. Echinacea Premium: 1/day
  3. Zinc Chelate: 2/day

Infected and Sick with symptoms

  1. Congaplex: 10/day about 1/hour(ish)
  2. Echinacea Premium: 2-3/day
  3. Zinc Chelate: 5/day
  4. Cataplex D: 1-2/day


  1. Immuplex: 2-3/day.
  2. Zinc Chelate: 4/day until you get your smell and taste back, then reduce to 1/day.
  3. Cataplex D: 1/day
  4. Cellular Vitality: 3/day helps to rebuild mitochondria in cells which restores energy and battles fatigue after infection