Last week we took a sailboat ride for five hours up in Green Bay.  What a blessing it is to go sailing on the Great Lakes! We had a brisk wind and chopping waves, which I personally love. I love it because it makes you feel alive.

The captain let me take the helm for about a half hour. He told me to keep it due South at 180 degrees. The boat had autopilot but since there is no autopilot in life we shut it off. And also, just like in life, I noticed on my short watch was we were constantly getting off course and I would have to correct the course each time.

Interestingly, when the captain told me to set my sights on a fixed object on the land it became not only easier to correct my path but my deviations off course were smaller too.

See where I am going with this? Sailing has lots of metaphors for health.

  • You need to keep your sights on set goals.
  • You WILL absolutely have waves that hit you. If you don’t please share your secrets!
  • When have health goals it will get back on course very quickly.
  • With out health goals you will lose you way and find your ship in the middle of the water with no bearing of which way to go.

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So when the wind blows you off course, look for land!

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