My 85 year old aunt is about 4’10” tall (if I am being generous).  She fell in her yard this week and broke six ribs. When the doctor came in after the second day she stood up and sang a “Bushel and a Peck” trying to prove  that even with broken bones, she was doing fine…I think my cousins made sure they stopped giving her narcotics after that one 🙂

My mom in response told me, “I fall all the time but I just roll over and pop up.”  If you have seen the last picture I sent of my mom she is anything but a WEEBLE.  Regardless, this 80 year old pair needs to learn to stay on their feet. Yikes!

We saw a few broken bones in our office this week as well. You can see in pictures above, the broken ribs on the elderly patient (left) and the broken collar bone on the 6 year old (right). We use a similar protocol to support bone issues such and osteopenia and osteoporosis along with broken bones.

First it’s important to understand that bone density and bone strength are two different things.  Most bone drugs inhibit reabsorption of the old minerals in your bone which allows more minerals to stay in the bone. The problem with this approach is that it leaves old bone so over time this gives you density from a mineral stand point but not strength.

What Can I Do?

To support normal and healthy bone, even into aging, we use Calcifood Wafers (or Biost) and Ostrophin. These supplements give ALL of the nutrients bone needs to heal and repair. They also stimulate normal repair of the bone matrix. They are made from whole bone to help the whole bone. Just isolated nutrients such as calcium alone will not make strong bones.

Combining these supplements with daily exercise such as walking, weight lifting, biking, etc helps keep bones strong deep into aging. Including cruciferous veggies such as kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, bone broth, and dairy all feed important nutrients to support bone development.

So if you have any skeletal issues make no BONES about it and reach out to us! We will give you a specific protocol to support your bone health and repair.