My cousin Gina has been involved in the health insurance industry for a couple decades.  She is successful at her endeavors and is an extremely inspirational influence in my life. Years ago, Gina was at an insurance industry seminar that dealt in actuary (numbers) science.  The instructor was definitely a leader and expert in his field but he was a numbers guy aka not the brightest color of a subject! About halfway through the day, my cousin was struggling to stay engaged as was 99% of the audience.

So Gina raised her hand and asked a question, “Sir, when you were a little boy, you never colored outside the lines did you?” The place erupted as he shook his head no.

As you can tell, Gina uses the whole box of crayons and is rarely inside the lines.  She is a progressive thinker; trying new things and different methods to advance whatever objective is in sight.

God gave us this incredibly colorful world. Look at the options we have in fruits and veggies and far and the variety of colors.  You should work at eating the whole color palette each month. Why? That palette is there to provide vital nutrients to your body.

Eat the Rainbow

Do you know what happens when a nutrient is missing? You will experience some kind of symptom.  If you are lucky it will be obvious: lack of Vitamin C used to cause scurvy.  The lack of vitamin D used to cause rickets. These conditions aren’t common now but our food today is insufficient in many nutrients for a variety of reasons. The end result is an insufficiency in many nutrients that are both known and unknown.

These insufficiency syndromes are rarely identified as being caused by a lack of proper nutrition. As the body lacks nutrition it falls into a state of dis- ease.  Put that together and it is disease.  So then the disease symptoms are treated and the cause is not.

Treating complicated disease is simplified if you catch it early which is why we use simple, Whole Foods, organically grown as our supplements. The plants are simple but their makeup is complex.

Simply put – eat whole foods- especially plants and eat a wide variety of colors and supplements should be the same. The Daily General Health Pack gives you all the Whole Foods nutrients you need for two months and keeps it simple.

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