The last four weeks I’ve had the privilege of treating an incredible human being. He is 18 months old and has been dealt a tough hand right from the start. He was born with cerebral palsy to a mother with cocaine in her system and has use of one eye because he was infected with herpes. That eye is glacier blue and it pierces into your soul when he looks at you.

But here is the thing he doesn’t know he has all these issues, he is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen! He has blonde curls, beautiful blue eyes, chunky as can be and is all smiles.  He melts your heart.

His foster mother said he has changed since he left poor environment he was born into. Now that he is in a loving, safe, stable situation he is happy which wasn’t the case before.


The Beatles got it right that “All you need is Love”. Now that song will be in your head all day! 🙂

So let’s give him a fake name.  IncrediBILLY.  Let us use Billy as an example. When he was in a stressful environment he withered but when he was put into a loving environment he started to thrive.

We are wired to be negative and with good reason. Being negative is a form of self preservation  but chronic negativity puts us into a bad state of health and well being. The transformation of Billy when given a loving, happy environment is amazing even given all of his health hardships.

So deal with the stresses in your life the best you can but don’t take on the rest of the world’s toxins. There is nothing worse than watching the news before bed.  The news is never good- Hell they know how you are wired better than you do. Same with technology. Their fancy algorithms have you figured out and it feeds you more of what gets you riled up.

So shut off the news and social media well before bed. In fact I no longer watch the news and it is amazing how much better I feel when I decide how I feel. Try it! IncrediBilly doesn’t listen to the news and he is the happiest kid you could ever lay your eyes on.

Kava Forte

Kava Forte is our happy herb.  It is from a plant found in Polynesia and is known as the peace elixir.  Traditionally, Kava has been used to help induce relaxation. You can use it regularly or just in time of need. This product is only available at our office but other supplements are available our online store.

So if you have already cut off news and technology before bed but still find yourself needing some additional support for managing stress, stop in a try a bottle of Kava Forte.

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