Congratulations to all of you that have done the Detox over the last 2 months and to those who are about to start it! What an accomplishment! So many people have been coming to me telling me all about their great outcomes.
Here is what they are saying:

  1. Decreases in blood sugar
  2. Decreases in blood pressure- mainly because of the positive effects of number 1
  3. Weight loss
  4. Increase in energy
  5. Better sleep
  6. Clarity in thought
  7. Skin tone and complexion improvements
  8. Improved bowel habits.
  9. And many more!

Cool stuff…so now what? Well truth be told, now is the time to keep the momentum rolling.  You used the 10 days to change some habits for the better, now don’t throw that away. This is the time to build on that foundation.

The premise of the detox was to have you eat clean and live a lifestyle that decreased your toxic exposure. All while taking the shake which provided the needed nutrients for you liver, bowel, and kidney to detoxify.

Now that you are ahead of the curve, you don’t need to be perfect but I would surely live in the 90-10 zone.

I try after the detox to keep the momentum going with living the diet but allowing a little bread, a fermented dairy, and occasional sweets. I will also use the Detox Shake or the SP Complete three to four times a week as a snack or a replacement breakfast.

SP Complete has a lot of benefits:

  1. Liver support (Detox adds bowel and kidney support)
  2. Less expensive that detox
  3. More servings per container  (because no fiber to bulk up the product)
  4. Comes in vegan or whey protein
  5. Chocolate and Vanilla flavors

The key to long term success is to maintain the good habits! You change them-you change yourself for the better.