“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”
— Irish Proverb

I don’t know about you, but I love the spring ahead to Daylight Savings Time! The extended light part…the getting used to the sleep loss, well that can take a couple weeks.

Sleep loss is the real deal as far as effecting your health and well being. Here is a fact taken from the book Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker: The day after “spring ahead” there is an increase in the rate of heart attacks by 25%. The day after the “fall back” there is a decrease in the heart attack rate by 25%.

One hour of lost rest won’t cause a heart attack but it can take people who are already on the edge and tip them over the top. In the fall, that one extra hour can help slow down the impending heart attack. Sleep on that!

Did you know that one 4 hour nights sleep decreases your immune system by up to 70%? So if you slept poorly, then had a stressful day, you will find that you are in a risky category if you get exposed to any type of pathogen whether it be a cold, COVID, the flu, etc.

The jist is, if you aren’t sleeping you aren’t healthy.

Below are some sleep action points that will help you achieve a better, more recuperative sleep. The truth is your body isn’t resting when you sleep, it is working to get you put back together for the next round of life tomorrow! Heck, aging is nothing but poor repair and when does repair happen? Of course, as the 80- and 90’s rocker Billy Squire would sing, “In The Dark”!

These action points give you not only lifestyle considerations but a list of our favorite natural sleep aids. Please reach out with any personal questions. As you can read below, if one aid isn’t working there are others to try. I can help find what is best for you!


Sleep Action Points

Quality Sleep Action Points
  1. Elimination of caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol which is sedative and shuts brain down-not good
  2. No tech an hour before sleep as blue light effects circadian rhythm
  3. Blue light screens or yellow light glasses to avoid decrease melatonin
  4. Light music before falling asleep helps
  5. Sleep efficiency needs to have continuity
  6. Going to sleep earlier is better than later
  7. No eating an hour before bed
  8. Go to sleep when you are tired to try to avoid second wind!
  9. Form regular bedtimes to coincide with your natural circadian rhythm anchors
  10. Make a ROUTINE!
  11. No news or violent TV
  12. GOOD GOD don’t look at your 401-k balance
  13. Supplements to aid if needed. See below
  14. Firm bed with padding to find comfort
  15. Keep it cool- body needs to sleep cool around 65 degrees
  16. Bedroom environment-
  • humidity
  • light
  • noise
  • smell
  • temperature
  • bed comfort

Non-negotiable biological necessity-life support system –
Sleep is mother nature’s attempt at immortality.

Supplements and nutrition:

17.Mintran-stands for mineral tranquilizer- will calm the racing mind no grogginess (melatonin).  This is our first go to because of its versatility as a muscle calming agent as well as an anti-anxiety nutrient.
18.EZ Mag– natural source of magnesium which is a relaxant
19.Magnesium Lactate– straight source of highly absorbable magnesium for calming
20.Ashwagandha Forte – helps stay asleep for wired and tired
21.Ashwagandha Complex– for tired and wired
22.Kava-calming agent of CNS- peace elixir
23.Valerian Complex-helps get to and stay asleep. The complex works quicker than straight Valerian
24.California Poppy Complex- calming agent and pain killer
25.Chamomile 1:2 herbal liquid
26.Chamomile tea
27.Melatonin- just tells you to start sleep—doesn’t help you stay asleep. Decreases with blue light.
28.Lavender- Young living or Do terra – other essential oil company
29.Breath – book by James Nestor- gives great breath techniques for calming etc.
30.Balance- an essential oil by  Doterra. This essential oil combo is for calming, I do a swipe on the nose before bed.

*All supplements are available at the clinic.
**Any supplement above without a link can be purchased here using the code 79EEDG
**buying supplements online will get shipped right to your door.