I’m baaaack! Yes, I was gone last week and Dr. Jean covered for me. I was visiting my son in college at the University of Colorado for a few days, then I went to ski with several friends at Copper Mountain.

The picture above is a shadow selfie while on the chairlift. The chairlift is great people watching and I love looking for human exceptionalism. When you pay attention, you won’t be disappointed. On one of my chairlift rides, I saw a man who was a double amputee skiing down the advanced terrain ski runs (do you really think I would be on the bunny hill?!)  He was sitting on a seat that had a bar attached to 1 ski. His lower body was protected by a small plastic shell (picture a two-foot-long bobsled) and he had two handheld mini skis for steering!

Holy cow! I don’t know this man’s story but I can tell the type of soul and spirit he has. When he experienced hardship in his health, whether he lost his legs or was born that way, he would not be denied.

He took a perceived weakness and made it a strength!


I had a football coach who once said to our team as we work on our weaknesses, “You are only as strong as your weakest link!” said Coach Becks. Yikes the Packers Special Teams should try that! Did I really have to pour salt on the wound?

You get the picture: improvement in health comes from balance and improving areas that are struggling. If you need help with your physical body through exercises or adjustments or with your nutrition, then let Dr. Jean and I know. We will help you get on the right track and guide you to the tools for your self-empowerment. Remember the more you do the less we have to!