Can I share with you something that is snot funny? You guessed it: allergies. Spring is here and allergy season is revving up so here are a few tips and supplements that will knock the snot out of you!


  1. Eye drops – with or without an anti-inflammatory
  2. Eye rinsing
  3. Nelimed- rinsing out the nasal passage several times a day will wash out the allergens and irritants
  4. Wash and ice if you get a skin rash
  5. Hydrate well!!!
  6. Decrease sugar and refined wheat intake (do I sound like a broken record yet?)
  7. Eat fish- the omega 3 fatty acids in cold water fish are wonderful anti-inflammatories


  1. Allerplex– allergy complex made of whole foods that support your immune response and adrenals through the allergy response.  Take 2-6 daily for seasonal allergy support. The formula that makes Allerplex has worked since 1960.
  2. Allergco– powerful herbal (Albezia, skullcap and Black cumin seed) used to support the immune response to allergens. This is excellent for ‘right now’ support.
  3. Antronex– acts as a natural antihistamine and it actually clears histamine so there are no side effects. It works great to support acute allergy reactions like hives and rash. This is one of the ingredients in Allerplex.
  4. Black cumin seed–  a main ingredient in Allergco.  Taken alone helps blood sugar regulation, anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant effects. Great alone for support of allergy response.
  5. Cod liver oil– anti-inflammatory effects of the omega 3’s and the naturally occurring Vitamin A, D and E. This helps to support an allergy response.

We will be talking allergies on our Facebook and Instagram live Wednesday at 12:30 and if you can’t join live you can always watch it later. And if you want a chance to get a free allergy support supplement, make sure you comment on the Facebook/Instagram post or on the “live” with any questions you have!