My current prediction for COVID in the future is that there is always going to be a CFC season.  Cold, flu, and COVID.  My anticipation is that it is here to stay, forever mutating.
That is the bad news.
The good news is that the more it mutates, each variant should become less aggressive. It may transmit faster but that makes sense because as the variants are less aggressive symptom wise, you can spread easier asymptomatically. There will occasionally be a more aggressive variant but it is here to stay.   That I am quite confident. Zero COVID = never.

That doesn’t mean the outlook is bleak.  No no no… The outlook is grand! Negative things happen and the world reacts. In the short term things seem bleak, but our bodies are incredible and have the ability to figure things out. In the long term, we should be very optimistic.

But why? Well first, because you made it this far. Second, any health challenge gives you an idea of where your weak links are. I had a football coach tell our team “we are only as strong as the weakest link.” So if you don’t want to get sick in the future, strengthen your weakest health links. That’s what illness does, it is opportunities to improve! On the other side of every negative lies a greater positive. Maybe it’s in 49% to 51% ratio but there are more positives than negative. You just have to find them.

So take inventory of your health.  Strengthen while the storm has calmed and watch how well you will weather the next storm.

Hardship create opportunity! Let’s seize it!

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