What is long COVID? Well for starters it is COVID in general…man this has been a long haul!

But long COVID or “long-haulers” is basically someone who has recovered from the acute COVID infection but has not rebounded to their pre infection status. Here are some of the symptoms patients have presented with in our office and what can help alleviate the symptoms:

  1. FatigueCellular Vitality
  2. Brain fog or lack of mental clarity: Cellular Vitality, NeuroplexCod Liver Oil
  3. Gut issuesGI adsorbOkra Pepsin, Prosynbiotic
  4. Ringing of the ears (tinnitus)Adrenal Desiccated, Ashwagandha Forte
  5. Loss of taste and/or smell: Zinc ChelatedChezyn
  6. General body achesTurmeric Forte, Cellular Vitality
  7. Cardiac symptoms: CardioplusCod Liver Oil
  8. Breathlessness: Emphaplex
  9. Hair falling out (I tried to blame that on COVID but mine was doing that before): Ashwagandah ForteSymplex F (female) or M(Male)
  10. Memory issues: Neuroplex and Cod Liver Oil
  11. Anxiety: Ashwagandha Forte, Mintran
  12. Sleeplessness: MintranAshwagandha Forte, Kava ForteEZ Mag

Cat’s Claw is an herbal remedy that supports convalescence (which is the reformation of health after illness.) It is an over all restorative tonic and we really have seen nice benefits from this product. This is available in our office.

It is sort of a catchall in that whatever exist that didn’t exist pre infection. Many of the symptoms are just present because the body uses certain organ systems in its battle against the virus. When you are done with the acute battle, this systems are depleted. Imagine running a marathon and you finish! Congrats but you sure wouldn’t want to run another marathon the next day right?

This is because you body is depleted. Your immune system involves basically every organ to some degree. The symptoms above correlate with a body system that for one reason or another was hardest hit within that individual.

We also recommend people use Immuplex or Epimune Complex (vegetarian immune support) regularly to help restore the over all immune system.

If you are suffering any of the above symptoms, talk to us about dosage and lifestyle modifications that can help restoration to normal. Let us help you feel better!