After spending time in the mountain, one might find themselves with a headache. One of the toughest issues with headaches is that there can be literally 100 different causes. We have treated thousands of patients with headaches over the last 30 years and they are some of my favorite people to help because it can be life changing!

If chiropractic adjustments and posture changes don’t solve the problem, then we look at nutrition for help. Some times it is very obvious. For example, when a woman or teenage girl comes in and say that their headache have some kind of rhythm to their cycle – then you know it is hormonal.

Actually one of the greatest causes of headaches in menstruating women is a variation of altitude sickness. Huh? Its true! It’s because there is a consistent blood loss every month which makes them mildly anemic. Maybe not clinically (meaning their numbers may be in the normal range) but they are not at optimal levels of iron for their body.

Recently, I had a young patient who complained of constant, low grade, chronic headaches. Even though it didn’t seem to correlate with her cycle, she did mention that she had heavy periods. We gave her 3 Ferrofood/ day which is a whole food iron supplement and her headaches were gone within two weeks.

In fact any woman who is menstruating (especially with heavy monthly flow) should be on this iron supplement.

Symptoms of being deficient are very similar to altitude sickness:

restless legs
brain fog
The beauty of this protocol is that if you have this issue you will know if it works within one bottle of Ferrofood. If you are seeing improvement and after a a few months of building your supply of iron again, then you can quickly back off to a maintenance dose.

So come down off the mountain and get some fresh air by supplying your body with an absorbable form of iron!