Recently, my oldest daughter Rachel graduated from chiropractic school on her mother’s 30 anniversary from graduating chiropractic school. She already possesses the healing touch needed to be a great practitioner.

My dear friend, Dr. Sam Carr in Arizona, had 10 members of his family in the chiropractic profession when we were in school.  I was amazed by that, yet now we have 8 with 2 more in chiropractic school. All told we have 12 in healing arts.

Our whole extended family came to share in this moment as well as five of her friends from Notre Dame. It was incredible to merge friends and family to honor her accomplishment.

These healthy relationships, both family and friends, are important for your health and well being. The mind, body, and spirit all intertwine with each other in relationships and making sure you are balanced in all three help over all well being.

Relationships and health are like a river always flowing and ever changing. You have to adapt because trying to stay the same in a changing world will leave you stagnant and unhealthy.

While so many in our family practice the same profession we all practice differently! All expressing our gifts and talents in our own unique way.  I look forward to watching my daughters develop their style so that they may go out and heal with their hands.

The energy transfer of a hands-on profession is a special interaction. We cherish the fact that you all entrust us with that exchange.

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