Let’s talk medicine. Sometimes people assume chiropractors are against medicine.
That is so not true!
Here is my stance: I am against an overuse of medicine. I do not agree in medication to get a blood value down, but yet nothing being done to address the underlying cause. This happens a lot with cholesterol, high blood pressure, triglycerides, and blood sugar. You can take a pill to get your number down but still be as sick as before.

In fact, many times you are sicker than before because of the side effects of the medicine. Actually they are direct effects of the medicine- side effects of the medicine give the illusion of rarity. We still use cholesterol lowering drugs as an example, better known as statins. They are hepatotoxic which means they harm the liver. The reason for so called side effects are drugs’ either speed up or slow down a function. Those functions need enzymes to work. Those enzymes work to operate multiple functions. That is how you get side effects.

So, if your blood values are way out of line then I understand taking a medication to help you stabilize them while you come from behind with some lifestyle changes to make it heal. I am all for it. Heck, we send people in need to other doctors all the time. Joint replacements, infections, cancer, heart issues. Two months ago I split my eye brow in two wiping out while waterskiing. It was a pretty nasty gash. I didn’t run to Dr. Jean-nope, that was an ER visit. Dr. Wnek was incredible.

There is a place for everything


Look at all these disciplines like tools. It isn’t the fault of the tool if you use it improperly. No different than many of our supplements. They are tools to help you achieve a better state of health. Have you ever noticed that health starts with heal?

To heal you have to be an active participant in the process, not a bystander just taking a pill (medicine or supplement). The supplements we use along with the life style changes will allow your body the best environment to heal itself. We feed and the body does the rest.

If you need help clearing your path to health let us know. We can help you stablish a plan to decrease the number of tools you need. I do nutritional consults over lunch where I sit down with you, 1 on 1 and we come up a with a game plan to heal you from the inside out. Call the office to set that up!