I am letting go of my eggo waffle!


Because the majority of western culture diseases are diseases of the fork. It is food driven…process food driven.

Obesity, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, insulin resistance (high blood sugar) are all part of the same issue. I have patients who are on a medicine for each one, yet the source is chronic poor diet. Wait wait wait. I am not judging you, you are doing exactly what we were told to do! Eat grains for breakfast, don’t eat eggs or butter, eat low fat yogurt and milk, cut back on fat etc…

If dairy was supposed to be fat free the cow would have a fat free utter. What is one of the main reasons we eat dairy? For the calcium. But, calcium needs vitamin D to absorb and vitamin D needs fat to absorb. Nature gave us what we need as a complete package, all we have to do is not screw it up.

The examples go on and on but I have attached a link to a podcast about sugar spikes and the negative effects. Also attached is a wonderful book called Glucose Revolution.  Both are great resources on understanding what you should be eating and HOW.

You have heard it said that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Because if you screw it up, you are pretty much screwed for the day metabolically. 5 of the top 10 foods with the worst glucose spikes are our traditional breakfast foods: bagels, waffles, cereal, pancakes, and nonfat yogurt!  In fact one of the worst cereals was Honey Nut Cheerios which is supposed to be a healthy choice.

And therein lies the confusion.

We are routinely guiding our patients to better health. When you perform these lifestyle changes over time, the body remakes itself.  A remade self can mean a decreasing need for medication.  The body can reverse many processes especially if you don’t wait too long.

Our favorites to help jumpstart are:

Detox Shake– speeds up the cleansing of the liver which is a vital organ in all metabolism especially sugar.

Metobol Complex– Herbal combination that is a great pre-carb supplement to decrease the refined carb spike

Diaplex – whole food support for all of the sugar handling organs especially the pancreas.

Gymnema – Renowned herb known for decreasing sweet cravings and vital for diminishing sugar addictions

A combination of these with the life hacks in Glucose Revolution can lead to a better state of metabolic health.

Def Leopard got it right when they sang, “Poor some sugar on me!”
It is way safer on you than in you:)


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