Have you watched the Packers or Badgers lately? Ugh! Talk about depressing! Hey listen, I know I grew up in Cleveland (Ohio that is!) and I know how to suffer with the best of them when it comes to sports! Try growing up rooting for the Browns, Indians, and Cavs. Yikes! I have learned some life hacks through all this.

People ask me often how I stay so positive. When you grow up rooting for those teams, having perpetual hope is the only thing that keeps you going.

Seriously, depression and anxiety are no laughing matter. They both create a huge burden on society and people struggle to cope with what life has to offer. Anxiety and depression meds are some of the most prescribed medicines in the world. In many cases they are life saving. Here it comes….


in many instances, especially anxiety and low level depression, are lifestyle related. Oh gosh, here he goes again saying I am responsible for my own mess. That just makes me more depressed.

Wait, wait.

Before you check out on me hear me out. It really isn’t your fault you have been listening to the experts, government and companies that have mislead you.

You have heard:
-eat low fat (your brain is all fat and water)
-decrease cholesterol (one of the main ingredients in the nerve tissue)
-eat whole grain cereal  (laden with sugar that spikes your blood sugar and makes you crash feeling depressed and fatigued

And it goes on and on.  Have you ever read the side effects of anxiety and depression medicines? Make sure you use when they are really needed.

So when I say they are lifestyle related it should lift the weight off your shoulders. If you use some of the life hacks (click here) you will have greater control of your life and mood.  In fact we use some supplements to help but when you use them while tending to lifestyle changes eventually you will need the supplements less too.

At the very least try some of these out over the next few months.  Give it some time.  I stuck with the Cavs long enough to see them win a championship.   I promise changes will come quicker than that championship!  I have also learned not to pin my happiness on a bunch of overpaid man children playing a game :):):)

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