Recently, Dr Jean and I went with some friends to Northern California on a trip. We stopped at one of my favorite places in the world that’s just an hour north of San Francisco. Point Reyes National Seashore is stunning. The tip of the park is a five mile hike along a one mile wide peninsula called Tomales Point which is a reserve for a species of elk called Thule elk.

This trip was not as scenic as the times we’ve been there before because we were stuck in fog.  We were teased with a couple of times we could peek at the Pacific Ocean. That said, the park was full of elk!  As we were walking back, we were admiring a ground of about 20 cow elk and one small bull that were literally right off the path by no more that 15- 20 yards.

Boy, observing nature is really good for your health. As we were leaving the cows there was a group of six people walking towards us all talking and looking at the trail as they walked. As they approached, we greeted them and I blurted out, “Have you seen any elk?”.  A woman in the party responded, “Only one, It’s a shame, it is just too foggy.”  We all burst out laughing as our friend Kelly was pointing to our left where a heard of elk lie right in front of their eyes.

Look up!

Some times what you’re looking for is literally right in front of us but we have our heads down.

This happens in health all the time. Most answers in health are actually quite simple, but simple doesn’t mean instantaneous. So it is important to listen and learn from people you want to emulate. Find trustworthy sources to guide you, those that practice what they preach.

We try to practice what we preach. We live active healthy lifestyles that add to our health rather than subtract from it. This is why we invite you to follow us on InstagramFacebook and YouTube to stay in tune with our message. Please spread the word so that we can help inspire health to as many people as we can. It is also why I give out my cellphone and email so that when you have questions we can support you at your time of need.

Keep your head on the swivel it will help you find what you are looking.

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