This week there is just some quick updates on several of our more commonly used supplements.

The biggest changes are to Mintran and Drenamin.

Mintran is our most popular supplement, two bottles to one, compared to the next closest supplement Glucosamine Synergy.  Anyone taking Mintran knows that it comes in a very small pellet that requires you to take a fair amount of pills. That is all changing in November 2022.

They are increasing the size of the tablet in November 2022 so that the new dosage will be 1-2 instead of 4-6.  Love it!

Drenamin – is our second most popular multiple vitamin. It is basically Catalyn (our favorite multiple) with additional adrenal support. We use this as a multiple for people under constant stress and for 3rd shift workers. Drenamin will have the same increase in size like Mintran and the dosage will now be 1-2 a day.

Other changes to the line are strictly changes in name only. In November 20200:

Iplex will be Eyeplex– the eye multiple

Cataplex G will be Cataplex B2– it is the B Complex that is involved in relaxation

Cataplex F will be Flax Oil Plus -a source of essential fatty acids.

As always, if you have any questions about the updates just reach out and we can help you find what is best for you.

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