Happy New Year! What a great time of year to spend with family and friends and really cherish your moments. We humans are funny creatures.  We seem to need reasons to work on our health which makes the New Year is an interesting time. It is basically an artificial start date where we make health and financial resolutions but instead of acting on them in October or November, we wait until after the holidays. So we have our start date- what are we going to do with it?

I have been getting a lot of questions about the Detox program we advocate.

First let’s talk about what it is not:

-it is not a calorie deprivation

-there will be no weirdly colored bodily fluids exiting your body : )

-it is not difficult

So what is a detox and why should one do it?

First of all you are detoxing right now without thinking about it. The body has multiple pathways of getting rid of toxins. There are two main types of toxins: endogenous (from within your body) and exogenous (coming from outside your body.

Endogenous examples are lactic acid from muscle contractions, waste products from natural metabolism (think of it like your body’s exhaust), and another big one is hormones. Yup. Those nasty buggers.

If you are a female that has issues with difficult periods or a post menopausal woman who all the sudden gains 5-10 pounds with no change in your diet or exercise routine, you have hormone metabolites that have built up.

Exogenous examples are many to name! Plastics, poor diet from refined foods like wheat and sugar, chemicals sprayed on food, chemicals sprayed in the air, car exhausts, anyone taking medications regularly…..on and on and on.

So what the detox does is simply this: we have you follow for 10 days, a cleaner living diet so that you decrease the amount of toxins coming in. You then drink the detox shake that will provide you a concentrated source of the whole food nutrients that the liver, kidney, and bowels use to rid the toxic waste from the body. We will often couple the shake with GI adsorb which binds to the toxins in the bowel so that they cannot be reabsorbed.

It is that simple. 

Here is what we hear from patients:

  • weight loss, or a jump start to this process
  • decrease in blood pressure
  • decrease in brain fog
  • increase in energy
  • better sleep
  • clearer skin
  • less bloating
  • less hormonal swings

We follow the Detox with moderate dietary living with recommendations from the book The Glucose Revolution which will give you dietary principles that are easy to follow and effective but will not try to fit everyone into the same diet. It. Works. Great.

Sign up at this link if you are going to do the detox and choose  the longest choice. There is no charge to sign up! You will get an email a day giving you recipes, motivation, and information about the process. Another tip for success is to find a partner to do it with. Life is always better when you share experiences with another person!