If we all did the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

Thomas Edison – 1847-1931 – Inventor


I find this in healing all the time. The more you do to position yourself for optimal healing, the more incredible you will heal.  The less you do…well the less likely you will get great results.

To that end, my quote factory (retired Military Veteran) said, “Watch where you set your expectations because you will meet them. “Heck, I can guarantee that if you set them low you will hit them. I believe it is better to raise your bar and miss by a little than lower it and reach it.

I have often said that I sometimes feel I am just an accumulation of repaired broken parts. My last injury almost needed surgery! It was a filleted eyebrow and torn calf muscle after a blow to the head when waterskiing. I would say ouch but one of the benefits of your head being numb from the impact was there really was no pain!

I employed every tool I have to speed the recovery up and to increase the quality of the recovery. It was amazing how quickly I healed because the of the body’s miraculous abilities which are astounding. That said, I am not surprised because I have come to expect it and you should too.

First, I must express how pleased I was with the ER experience at the new Aurora hospital Dr. Wnek did a bang up job. They set up an appointment with the plastic surgeon that I had to cancel. I told them that Dr Wnek did such good of a job and that my face wasn’t plastic surgery worthy 🙂

Expect great things in recovery and do the things that yield you a great recovery. Expect a poor outcome and I promise you will do the things that take you there.

Here’s what I used:

  • Boswellia Complex was my herb complex of choice. It contains boswellia (frankincense), turmeric, ginger, and celery seed.  I choose this particularly because of the celery seed. My right calf was two inches bigger than my left because of the inflammation from the tear and celery seed is great at pulling the edema out of areas that are injured.
  • Ligaplex 1: has all the nutrients from whole foods for quick soft tissue healing. It is high in manganese which is a mineral that acts like super glue for connective tissue.
  • Kinesio tape drew out the fluid from my calf
  • Laser therapy increased the speed of healing and decreased my pain and inflammation.

Whenever you are injured or have an upcoming surgery, give us a call. I have used myself as a guinea pig to find the best healing methods for recovery. Ha! I need to find a better method…

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