Dear Friends,
As I was walking around my land this past week, I kept seeing thistles. At first, I didn’t think too much of them, but as I continued to walk, it occurred to me that right now we are in a thorny situation. One thing I have learned in my life is that out of every hardship comes growth. Some type of beautiful expression of the gifts that have been given to me by God, surface at the end of a difficult situation. Without the hardship, these gifts would remain hidden.
And just like this incredible flower that graces the top of this thistle plant, the good always rises to the top.
So how can we find the good that is coming out of the Corona Virus?
Well think back to last week when we talked paradigms and thought patterns. To change your pattern of thinking sometimes you need a dramatic and shocking event. I have had more people talk to me about immune health in the last 4 months than I did in the last 4 years. This is great because it will improve your overall health against the common cold, Covid, the flu, and even allergies. Having a strong immune system will help your overall wellbeing and quality of life and as we round the halfway point of summer, we should be looking to build our immune systems for the oncoming flu season not just the Covid issue. 
There are two great ways to attack this. The first is through diet, and the second is building up your immune system. 
So simple diet advice: KISS (keep it simple stupid) style.

  1. Cut back dramatically on refined flour and sugar.
  2. Eat lots of veggies and fruit.
  3. Keep your hands out of bags and boxes
  4. Bone broth is great for gut and immune health.

Standard Process Immune Health support: Right now, if you are not sick, 1-2 Immuplex is a great overall immune builder with one echinacea premium to boost the immune system.  

  1. Congaplex– Perfect for “I am sick right now.” Works best when you take it before the symptoms have fully manifested.  We have incredible results with this product.
  2. Immuplex– Better for “I want to stay healthy.” The nutrient label is very similar to Congaplex but the differences make this the preferred product for building the immune system over time.
  3. Echinacea Premium– Herbal product that is made with a high concentration of echinacea.  This up regulates your immune system (turns it on).  Great for times like these, where there is additional stress.
  4. Cataplex C– A whole food version of Vitamin C. It’s a lower dose but because it is a complete whole Vitamin C verses just ascorbic acid, it is way more potent.

Remember to look for the flower among the thorns and you will end up strong, happy and healthy.
God Bless,
Dr. Dan