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Rocky Mountain High

After spending time in the mountain, one might find themselves with a headache. One of the toughest issues with headaches is that there can be literally 100 different causes. We have treated thousands of patients with headaches over the last 30 years and they are some of my favorite people to help because it can [...]

Rocky Mountain High2022-05-25T09:38:52-05:00

Be Like Mrs. Sap

Growing up we had family friends up the street named the Saporitos. No, they were not a Netflix series about the mob in Cleveland. Mr. and Mrs Sap, as we called them, would come over and share tales of their travels. She dominated a room as a bold and beautiful Italian woman and Mr.Sap fit [...]

Be Like Mrs. Sap2022-05-18T14:48:51-05:00

It’s Been a Long Haul…

What is long COVID? Well for starters it is COVID in general...man this has been a long haul! But long COVID or "long-haulers" is basically someone who has recovered from the acute COVID infection but has not rebounded to their pre infection status. Here are some of the symptoms patients have presented with in our [...]

It’s Been a Long Haul…2022-05-11T16:28:21-05:00

Current Optimism

My current prediction for COVID in the future is that there is always going to be a CFC season.  Cold, flu, and COVID.  My anticipation is that it is here to stay, forever mutating. That is the bad news. The good news is that the more it mutates, each variant should become less aggressive. It may transmit [...]

Current Optimism2022-05-11T14:55:48-05:00

Changing of the Guards

As I mentioned a few months ago, we have been going through a changing of the guards at Francis Chiropractic. We have seen a shift from some of our long time staff, with 15 - 29 years of service, into partial or full retirement. This last month Lynn, our long time insurance specialist and assistant [...]

Changing of the Guards2022-05-11T14:29:03-05:00

Could It Be? Can It Be? SPRING WEATHER?!

Can I share with you something that is snot funny? You guessed it: allergies. Spring is here and allergy season is revving up so here are a few tips and supplements that will knock the snot out of you! Lifestyle Eye drops - with or without an anti-inflammatory Eye rinsing Nelimed- rinsing out the nasal [...]

Could It Be? Can It Be? SPRING WEATHER?!2022-04-20T11:27:40-05:00


  Take a look at the two pictures above. The first is a 40 gallon tote of maple syrup sap that I collected in woods recently. The second is a gallon of maple syrup as the finished product. Hard to believe isn't it? Maple syrup is a 40:1 ratio, meaning it is REALLY concentrated. The [...]


Ask Your Teenager

"The chief cause of failure is substituting what you want most for what you want now." Zig Ziglar - 1926-2012 - Author-Salesman Ask yourself, is this you? 'I want to lose weight but not as much as I want that donut right now!' Does this sum it up? 'I want to be fit but not as much as I [...]

Ask Your Teenager2022-04-20T08:01:20-05:00

World Down Syndrome Day

I often talk about adversity and health. About how thankful we should be for the gifts we have been given, our souls’ journey and living up to our potential. Today is a day that encompasses so many of those messages. Today is World Down Syndrome Day.  I have a two first cousin’s with Down syndrome.  [...]

World Down Syndrome Day2022-04-13T14:18:01-05:00

Grains, Grains, Organic Grains

We are excited to offer high quality, wholesome grains to purchase through our office. You can click here to see what we can offer and call the office to place your order. Payment is due at the time you put your order in.  We are highlighting the organic oats this month and three delicious recipes so keep [...]

Grains, Grains, Organic Grains2022-03-16T09:36:44-05:00
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