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Bitter is Better

A brilliant veteran that I treat told me this week, “Life is learned backwards and lived forward”. Wow what a potent belief. It is great to look back and learn, but you can’t live in the past. You can look back and learn what got you to this point and then you can alter your habits and [...]

Bitter is Better2021-06-30T09:43:12-05:00

Air-Our Most Important Element

While biking in 2018, I took this picture on Scenic Dr. in the Kettle Morraine State Forest after a tornado ripped through the area. This tree was an 80 foot oak tree that was literally impaled by a smaller (yet still big) tree, causing it to literally blow its top. All of this from an [...]

Air-Our Most Important Element2021-06-30T09:26:35-05:00

Stress Got You Down?

It seems that each stage of COVID we enter adds a new stressor. We adapt to our current environment very quickly. As my favorite retired Army Ranger said it takes about 2 weeks in fact and adaptability is a great survival skill. So as things slowly open up, realize that everyone is going to have [...]

Stress Got You Down?2021-06-30T09:21:58-05:00

Health You Can Bank On

Yesterday morning my cousin and I were having a phone conversation and she asked my opinion on a treadmill. We talked about how often she uses it and a few other features including cost. At one point she said, “I use this daily and I consider it an investment in my health.”  BAM! I knew right [...]

Health You Can Bank On2021-06-30T08:51:57-05:00

Spring Cleaning

What a great time of year: Spring is in the air! It is time for spring cleaning and garage sales. The good old purge. Nothing feels better than to run lean without old baggage. I’m a tosser. When Dr. Jean goes away without me, she is always nervous what I might get rid of when she [...]

Spring Cleaning2021-06-30T07:55:50-05:00

The Proof is in the Pooping

The proof is in the POOPING! Yuck! Doc, you are losing it right?? No, no, no; just keep reading. If you haven’t noticed we do a lot more than just adjust the spine. Many people use us to help guide them through many health issues using natural means such as diet, exercise, and supplementation. We [...]

The Proof is in the Pooping2021-06-23T13:51:45-05:00

Stuck in the Suck?

Are you in pain? We can all agree pain sucks! Are you feeling stuck in the suck? One of my favorite patients shared something he learned in the military: “Embrace the suck” What the military has taught is that the tough times are where the lessons are learned. It is the time when your attitude [...]

Stuck in the Suck?2021-06-23T11:59:25-05:00


On returning home from vacation a few years ago, my staff communicated to me that the substitute doctor said he felt like he was a podiatrist while covering for me! One morning he saw five patients in a row that had foot issues/extremities that I was treating. A lot of chiropractors don’t treat the extremities [...]


Get Moving and Stay Moving

We pray that you all had a wonderful Easter! We visited this spry young lady who turned 80 on April 3rd. She has been a massage therapist for 37 years and get this, she still does 12 massages a week! I am pretty sure the law of physics stating “an object in motion stays in motion“ was discovered [...]

Get Moving and Stay Moving2021-06-23T10:44:27-05:00

Gratitude is the Attitude

I was treating a patient who had some pain following a surgical procedure performed the week before. The pain was real but improving, and frankly, his attitude was a bit whiney. So I shared with him this story about another patient who 5 months ago had complications from a kidney stone surgery. This woman went [...]

Gratitude is the Attitude2021-06-23T10:04:06-05:00
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