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I’d be TOO good at it

Dr. Jean and I bought a wine tasting trip to Sonoma Valley, CA with some friends at a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation auction with a couple of dear friends that each have a Type 1 diabetic child. We recently completed the trip and it was a wonderful time albeit a weird trip for me. Anyone [...]

I’d be TOO good at it2022-11-30T11:08:53-05:00

Who Do You Emulate?

I have shared a couple stories about our family friends the Saporitos. Mrs. Sap recently passed away and while it is sad for those who knew her it is also a joyous moment for her. Not only does she get to be reunited with Mr. Sap but also with their son Joey. Joey passed away [...]

Who Do You Emulate?2022-11-30T10:57:06-05:00

Life Hacks

Have you watched the Packers or Badgers lately? Ugh! Talk about depressing! Hey listen, I know I grew up in Cleveland (Ohio that is!) and I know how to suffer with the best of them when it comes to sports! Try growing up rooting for the Browns, Indians, and Cavs. Yikes! I have learned some [...]

Life Hacks2022-11-30T10:44:58-05:00


This week there is just some quick updates on several of our more commonly used supplements. The biggest changes are to Mintran and Drenamin. Mintran is our most popular supplement, two bottles to one, compared to the next closest supplement Glucosamine Synergy.  Anyone taking Mintran knows that it comes in a very small pellet that requires you to take a fair amount of pills. That is [...]


Look for the Elk!

Recently, Dr Jean and I went with some friends to Northern California on a trip. We stopped at one of my favorite places in the world that’s just an hour north of San Francisco. Point Reyes National Seashore is stunning. The tip of the park is a five mile hike along a one mile wide [...]

Look for the Elk!2022-11-21T11:53:09-05:00

First Need-Water, Second Need-Coffee?

I often get asked if coffee is ok to drink. Yikes, what a loaded question! My little fireball of a mother thinks coffee is a food group and she is 80. The truth is some people handle the caffeine quite well and some people don’t. I personally don’t drink it because the few times I have had caffeine, it [...]

First Need-Water, Second Need-Coffee?2022-11-02T11:09:59-05:00

What do you Need?

I recently lended my backcountry water filter to my daughter for an upcoming camping trip. The filter company has a very appropriate name "First Need".  No, no, no, contrary to popular belief your first need is not coffee. We talk a lot about nutrition at Francis Chiropractic and one of the first issues people need to become aware of [...]

What do you Need?2022-10-26T09:46:36-05:00

Chiropractic vs Medicine?

Let's talk medicine. Sometimes people assume chiropractors are against medicine. That is so not true! Here is my stance: I am against an overuse of medicine. I do not agree in medication to get a blood value down, but yet nothing being done to address the underlying cause. This happens a lot with cholesterol, high blood [...]

Chiropractic vs Medicine?2022-10-19T10:38:30-05:00

Not a Dream Come True

A few weeks ago I was at a cabin up north with some friends. I was sleeping on the porch having a dream of kissing a short haired, brunette German woman. I woke up to my friends German shorthair pointer French kissing me. Ugh! Dreams! So believe me, I was brushing and rinsing like no [...]

Not a Dream Come True2022-10-05T09:44:37-05:00

Leggo my Eggo

I am letting go of my eggo waffle! Why? Because the majority of western culture diseases are diseases of the fork. It is food driven...process food driven. Obesity, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, insulin resistance (high blood sugar) are all part of the same issue. I have patients who are on a medicine for [...]

Leggo my Eggo2022-10-05T09:33:02-05:00
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