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Newer isn’t Always Better

I had two patients come in the other day with Converse All Star Chuck Taylor shoes on. Exactly the same as they were 40 years ago when I got my first pair! They do have other, newer models of shoes…I know because years ago I blew out my knee on a model that was recalled [...]

Newer isn’t Always Better2021-11-17T09:21:53-05:00


The last four weeks I’ve had the privilege of treating an incredible human being. He is 18 months old and has been dealt a tough hand right from the start. He was born with cerebral palsy to a mother with cocaine in her system and has use of one eye because he was infected with [...]


Earn It To Own It

I had the opportunity to hold one of the Bucks' championship rings this past Wednesday with my goddaughter Kathrine. What an incredible piece of jewelry! It got me thinking though, that if owner could have given it to me it wouldn’t have the same value to me as it would to him. Why? Because I don’t own the [...]

Earn It To Own It2021-11-03T08:42:15-05:00

Save the Drama for Your Mama

Family Drama- We all have it. About eight weeks ago my 86 year old aunt fell and broke ten ribs. I’m not sure how that is possible but she accomplished it! The good news is that she is fully recovered…..physically. She has now entered into, as my spicy mother puts it, “queen mode”.  All my aunts providers’ [...]

Save the Drama for Your Mama2021-10-27T11:43:36-05:00

I Hate Running

This weekend my godson ran in a 100 mile trail race in Dubuque, Iowa and Dr. Jean and I decided to drive down Friday night to cheer him on. We arrived around 7:30 pm and Luke would be coming through his 3rd of 5 laps at about 8 pm. After the runners ran the first [...]

I Hate Running2021-10-20T09:25:18-05:00

A Variety of Color

My cousin Gina has been involved in the health insurance industry for a couple decades.  She is successful at her endeavors and is an extremely inspirational influence in my life. Years ago, Gina was at an insurance industry seminar that dealt in actuary (numbers) science.  The instructor was definitely a leader and expert in his [...]

A Variety of Color2021-10-13T14:37:30-05:00

Camp Anokijig

Jim Scherer was the director of Camp Anokijig for nearly 30 years. He recently passed away at 80 years of age. I had the pleasure of fundraising with Jim for the camp through a charity competition involving Ironman triathlons. It was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. In speaking with someone from camp after [...]

Camp Anokijig2021-10-06T10:08:03-05:00

Simple Answers to Complicated Questions

“Sometimes the questions are complicated but the answers are simple."  Dr. Seuss  The quote above sums up health and wellbeing in one sentence. Today’s health care is so complicated and specialized that there is a doctor for every organ but not a doctor for the WHOLE organism. Unfortunately, our organs don’t operate independently of each other. Have you ever [...]

Simple Answers to Complicated Questions2021-10-06T09:22:19-05:00

No Bones About It!

My 85 year old aunt is about 4’10” tall (if I am being generous).  She fell in her yard this week and broke six ribs. When the doctor came in after the second day she stood up and sang a “Bushel and a Peck” trying to prove  that even with broken bones, she [...]

No Bones About It!2021-09-22T10:12:34-05:00

9/11 Tribute

Four months after 9/11 I went to NYC to serve the recovery workers at Ground Zero with chiropractic care. One of my sisters lives in in the city and was close enough to the Trade Centers to actually see people jumping. Heartbreaking. Her local chiropractor was in charge of setting up round the clock care at [...]

9/11 Tribute2021-09-15T08:26:40-05:00
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