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Simply Put-Gratitude is the Attitude

Dr. Jean and I celebrated our 30 wedding anniversary along with some friends celebrating their 25 anniversary this past fall. We went to an island in French Polynesia called Bora Bora and it made me realize that gratitude is the right attitude to have in life. It was an amazing experience on many different levels. [...]

Simply Put-Gratitude is the Attitude2024-06-10T14:55:34-05:00

Love the One You’re With

Our daughter Rachel was married on September 2, 2023. A friend, speaking of his son in law, said, “if the saying is true ‘a daughter marries a man like her father’ I take it as a huge compliment.” And I concur. I have a great son-in-law. I love them both. It is exciting to watch [...]

Love the One You’re With2024-03-24T14:22:12-05:00

What Do You Pay Attention To?

I had a patient come in with some health news that was pretty negative. He was a long standing patient that has always wanted to avoid bad health issues but to the point that he was was always worrying about his health and not paying attention to the bigger picture. The ironic thing was he [...]

What Do You Pay Attention To?2024-03-24T14:17:38-05:00

The No Brainers for Better Health

A patient asked me for a baseline plan for general health from a supplement perspective. They are doing proper exercise and sleep habits, trying to create better health in their life. She admitted to having a good but not perfect diet and had the understanding that even when eating a good diet, you still may [...]

The No Brainers for Better Health2024-03-24T14:12:27-05:00

Collagen-Should You Be Taking It?

I field questions everyday about collagen and its benefits followed up with, “should I be taking it?” Let's talk function first: Collagen is basically everywhere in the body. It is an assembly of proteins and fibers that are the base for all connective tissue. That means the whole skeletal system- bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscle, [...]

Collagen-Should You Be Taking It?2024-03-24T14:05:46-05:00

Cleans and Greens

We have been talking about our Detoxification program the last few weeks, the great program that cleans! I would like to share with you a new product that Standard Process has provided us with in the last month. The Greens! SP Power Mix! It is a super food/greens mix= the greens. Have you heard of AG1 Greens lately? [...]

Cleans and Greens2024-03-24T14:02:17-05:00

The 11th? Maybe!

Above is some pictures of my great niece adjusting her mother. I believe based on these pictures we have potentially landed the 11th chiropractor in our family. She is actually quite good at just 2 years old. I hope I am able to practice with her someday :) Couple things to note: children are sponges. [...]

The 11th? Maybe!2024-03-24T13:47:48-05:00

Habits are like rabbits

Happy New Year! WOW!  The calendar turns and already we are a week in! New year –  New opportunity.  I love the book Outlive by Peter Attia MD. He talks about health span vs lifespan and the interesting thing about this mindset is that you have to think long vs thinking short. In other words, you can’t correct [...]

Habits are like rabbits2024-01-17T14:18:29-05:00
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