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9/11 Tribute

Four months after 9/11 I went to NYC to serve the recovery workers at Ground Zero with chiropractic care. One of my sisters lives in in the city and was close enough to the Trade Centers to actually see people jumping. Heartbreaking. Her local chiropractor was in charge of setting up round the clock care at [...]

9/11 Tribute2021-09-15T08:26:40-05:00

Sailing into Better Health

Last week we took a sailboat ride for five hours up in Green Bay.  What a blessing it is to go sailing on the Great Lakes! We had a brisk wind and chopping waves, which I personally love. I love it because it makes you feel alive. The captain let me take the helm for [...]

Sailing into Better Health2021-09-08T11:02:12-05:00

Imitate Habits

A dear patient of mine lost his wife this last week to a sudden illness. It breaks my heart because they were a wonderful example of what a marriage should be like. They were one of those couples that I would look at and say I want to copy their habits. In the receiving line at the wake I could [...]

Imitate Habits2021-09-01T13:10:22-05:00

Be Prepared

I went biking with my best riding partner on Sunday and I wasn't as prepared as I should have been. There is a saying that if you want to age well you should have friends older and younger than you. Younger for vitality to invigorate you and older for wisdom to infiltrate you. My riding [...]

Be Prepared2021-09-01T11:56:31-05:00

Rethinking Ability

This weekend I participated in a bike race at Road America called “The 12 Hours of Road America”. It is a fundraiser for the charity Team Triumph, which raises funds for endurance athletes who are disabled. The goal of the ride is to do as many laps as you can from 7 PM to 7 AM [...]

Rethinking Ability2021-08-18T11:34:20-05:00

Explosive Nutrition

Late last week I took a quick hiking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park. I stuffed six Possible Bars from Standard Process in my hiking boot then placed the boots in my carry on luggage.  As you can see from the above picture the TSA stopped me. The bars looked like the explosive C4 packed [...]

Explosive Nutrition2021-08-11T10:03:48-05:00


Another statement from a wise patient: “Success is never owned, only rented, and payment is due everyday!” The Milwaukee Bucks are a great example. They will learn real quick next year that there is no resting on your laurels. Once you are on top everyone is aiming for you. You can switch the word "success" with "health" in [...]


The Big MO (Momentum)

Last week I walked into the treatment room and asked the patient how she was doing. She answered honestly and said, “Well…not so good.” The funny thing is when I ask a patient how they are doing and they start with “Well” they are rarely well! The truth is, when I walked into the room [...]

The Big MO (Momentum)2021-08-04T16:19:27-05:00

Roll Baby Roll

Are you ready to roll? I recently asked patient with low back pain if he was doing his low back exercises. He replied, “Religiously!  On Christmas and Easter!!!"  Right idea, wrong frequency :) As you can see, even Remi stretches before exercise. He will do the appropriately named upward and downward dog stretch. For a person, a [...]

Roll Baby Roll2021-08-04T14:56:25-05:00

Stay Flexible

This past Saturday, I was walking through the Elkhart Lake farmers market checking on how my son and his friend were fairing selling their metal artwork. As I walked, I recognized a a patient who had moved out of the area several years ago, who was mildly hunched over a stand. I yelled out her husband’s [...]

Stay Flexible2021-08-04T14:41:38-05:00
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