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Weeding, Seeding, and Feeding

One of my favorite patients is in his mid 70’s and is a very funny man. Our  last conversation started with him saying, “I had a realization the other day, that getting old is quite easy- staying young is really hard!” I laughed because I have patients who talk about how hard getting old is. [...]

Weeding, Seeding, and Feeding2023-05-17T11:07:33-05:00

Hi Mom!

I had a pregnant mom in a few months ago and asked her if she intended on breast feeding her newborn child when she gave birth. Her response was “ugh that is so unnatural.” I audibly laughed and replied, “Actually that is like the definition of natural!” It is actually one of the most incredible parts of [...]

Hi Mom!2023-05-17T10:46:59-05:00


Askhole (Noun) - a person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them A patient gave me a card with this definition on it the other day and I thought it was hilarious. We get this a lot in our clinic and it is actually funny because we [...]


Here’s An New Option

Many of you may have noticed mid-2022 that your billing statements looked a little different. In an effort to become more efficient and more environmentally friendly we did a ‘soft launch’ of offering online-bill-pay; and many of you started to take advantage of that! Now that it’s been 6 months since starting this process and [...]

Here’s An New Option2023-05-17T10:37:59-05:00

Last Week: SPRING! Today….

In celebrating Easter last weekend it made me think of you! I pray that you had a wonderful Easter season with your loved ones. Easter Sunday is the ultimate expression of rebirth. No wonder we celebrate Easter in the spring when nature bursts forth with newness and everything dormant comes alive. Jesus hung out with the [...]

Last Week: SPRING! Today….2023-04-17T10:29:16-05:00

I Remember That Differently….

In December, I went home to Ohio to watch my high school win its 2nd football state championship in a row and 6th in 11 years! I went to an all boy Catholic High School of 1200 boys. Lots of testosterone floating around that building. We were quite good at football in fact, in my four years, we [...]

I Remember That Differently….2023-04-17T10:18:47-05:00

Breathe Easier

A few years ago I was doing a house call on an elderly gentleman who was homebound with COPD (a lung condition from years of smoking and working in a factory).  The poor guy was miserable because COPD is like a slow suffocation so he had to be on oxygen constantly to breathe easier. Any [...]

Breathe Easier2023-04-17T10:11:43-05:00

What Kind of Car are You?

There has been all the rage about electric cars and trucks the last few years. I watched a documentary that was trying to figure out which type of automobile was the greenest impact on the Earth. Now if you are measuring from the tailpipe, the EV is much better than the Hybrid or combustion engine [...]

What Kind of Car are You?2023-03-29T11:42:44-05:00

Overfed and Under Nourished

Overfed and under nourished. How can it be that this is 2/3 of our population? We are overfed on the macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) but underfed on the micronutrients including all the vitamins/minerals. Our bodies have no problem absorbing calories and the macronutrients. Protein and fat are critical for all functions in the body [...]

Overfed and Under Nourished2023-03-29T11:22:58-05:00

Use It or Lose It

Dr. Jean and I recently visited our daughter, Dr. Rachel!! She is practicing in Omaha while her fiancé is in medical residency. We were walking through a lovely park in downtown Omaha when we came upon a dog park. Oddly enough, the dogs were running around having a blast and the owners stood there watching. What [...]

Use It or Lose It2023-03-29T10:45:35-05:00
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