Covid Protocol: With to the rise in Covid cases, we have been receiving volumes of inquiries on not only what to take but how to take it. In response, I have prepared Covid protocols for pre illness, infected but asymptomatic, infected with symptoms, and post Covid as well as give some lifestyle immune suggestions:

Pre COVID supplement protocol

  1. Immuplex: 2-3/day or 3-4 if over 200 pounds and/or you are immuno-compromised
  2. Echinacea Premium: 1/day. Keeps your immune system on high alert.
  3. Cataplex D: 1-2/day. More in winter and you have light skin.

Infected with COVID but asymptomatic

  1. Congaplex: 4/day
  2. Echinacea Premium: 1/day
  3. Zinc Chelate: 2/day

Infected and Sick with symptoms

  1. Congaplex: 10/day about 1/hour(ish)
  2. Echinacea Premium: 2-3/day
  3. Zinc Chelate: 5/day
  4. Cataplex D: 1-2/day


  1. Immuplex: 2-3/day.
  2. Zinc Chelate: 4/day until you get your smell and taste back, then reduce to 1/day.
  3. Cataplex D: 1/day
  4. Cellular Vitality: 3/day helps to rebuild mitochondria in cells which restores energy and battles fatigue after infection

*Epimune Complex is a vegetarian, vegan, non-dairy and non-soy replacement for both Congaplex and Immuplex.

*Zinc in a bioavailable form (meaning chelated/bound to nutrients that help it absorb) is vital to smell and taste which is why that is a symptom in COVID.  Zinc is vital in fighting the virus and then it becomes depleted, causing the loss of smell and taste.

Diet do’s and don’ts
Some do’s

  1. Bone broth
  2. Bright colored veggies and fruits- citrus, kiwi, red bell peppers etc.
  3. Fish-especially shell fish
  4. Green tea, turmeric, garlic, ginger…

Some don’ts

  1. Sugar and white flour – decrease to minimal
  3. artificial sweeteners
  4. moderate alcohol

Sleep a good 8 hours and 30 minutes of walking a day.
I know we are all getting tired wanting this to be over but stay vigilant. Do the right things to stay healthy and safe.


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